Common Myths About Cheating

cheatingIt is a devastating feeling indeed to discover that your partner has been cheating on you for a long while now, and what is worse, you did have an inkling of a suspicion, but preferred to shelve it away, thinking that your partner would not do such a thing.

Don’t worry; this happens more often than you would think, and it is very common to have a partner cheat, thereby almost destroying the relationship… In fact, statistics show that cheating is much more common than monogamy!

There are quite a few myths associated with this phenomenon, and it would be a good idea to know all you can about them:

  • People cheat because they are unhappy at home and in a relationship: Although this may be true for women, it is not true for men. Women who cheated reported that they were unhappy in their marriage, and that was one of the main reasons why they sought solace elsewhere. For men, however, this was not the case; almost fifty five percent of men reported that they were never averse to a fling on the side, even if they were completely happy in their marriage!
  • Cheating happens because of sex: This is a myth. Most affairs begin because of an element of unhappiness and dissatisfaction in the present relationship.
  • If a partner cheats, it means that he or she doesn’t love you: Although this may be true to a certain extent, it may not always be spot on. Nevertheless, it does mean that your partner is not as committed to your relationship as you are.
  • It is possible to affair-proof against cheating: False. There is never any guarantee in life, and therefore, the next best thing would be for you to choose a partner who is absolutely right for you, and who you are sure of right from the beginning.
  • You have to confess if you have cheated:  Not true. If, however, your partner strongly suspects you of cheating, then it would probably be a wise idea to confess and let things run their own course. If he or she doesn’t, there is no need at all to upset the way things are at the present time; perhaps after a great many years you can hint at it.

Remember; you owe it to yourself to find out if your partner is cheating, and take appropriate action against what has happened. If you are a person who forgets and forgives, then all the best to you, and on the other hand if you believe that once a cheater always a cheater, then you must take steps to handle the present situation as best as you can.



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