Being True To Yourself May Get You Ahead In The Dating Game

New research now bears out what people have always believed; that honesty is the best policy and now apparently it is true even when it comes to romance.

According to a new study, being yourself and being true to yourself may be just the thing if you want to be successful in your dating relationships. Having a clear self image, acting consistently with one’s beliefs, and using truth and honesty in dealings with others was seen to positively impact relationships.

Amy Brunell, professor of psychology at Ohio State University’s Newark campus, is the author of the study, which included 62 heterosexual college couples and was quoted as having said, “If you’re true to yourself, it is easier to act in ways that build intimacy in relationships, and that’s going to make your relationship more fulfilling.”

healthy relationshipIn the study the subjects were subjected to the dispositional authenticity test to determine how true to themselves they are.

Then the subjects’ willingness to share with their partners and their propensity to keep secrets was observed. Finally the relationship satisfaction and sense of personal well being displayed by the subjects was examined.

It was found that overall those participants who were true to themselves, and were better able to be intimate with their partners had better relationships. Those that were honest were also seen as having higher personal wellbeing levels.

Source: MSNBC



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