Are You Dating A Narcissist? And Why You Shouldn’t Be

It is true that some women tend to gravitate towards the narcissist among men. Good looking, yes, charming, superficially so, engaging, perhaps for the moment but to be a relationship with? Well a simple no would do.

Identifying the narcissist: He is the guy who is confident to the point of being cocky. He is self centered and self absorbed; thoughtless would not be an inaccurate way to describe him. He is egotistical; that he is most certainly.

narcissistHe may be good looking but may be convinced that he is far better than he actually is. Does he spend a lot of time mirror gazing?

Is he not interested in your success; does he expect special treatment? Well than you have a lot of clues that this is a narcissist we’re talking about.

And why should one lose the narcissist? It’s simple really; if the guy really loves himself that much, where will he find the time and energy to love someone else!

Because of his self love, he needs affirmation of his perceived ‘special-ness’, all the time. In the process, the other person will always be required to do the needful, to efface their own needs, and to repeatedly dumb down on their own sense of self.

So if you’re dating a narcissist, do yourself a favor, lose him.

Source: Psychology Today



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