8 Major Reasons of Broken Relationships and How to Prevent Them

Living a peaceful and fulfilling life with your partner is the first wish of any couple. Unfortunately, this does not happen always! Predicting a true and long lasting relationship in the beginning is always not possible but as time moves on, one can realize and feel how strong or weak is the bonding with your partner.

8 Major Reasons of Broken Relationships and How to Prevent Them

Why does this Uneasiness Set in Couples?

Unhappy couples are not mostly unhappy because of lack of love but due to the lack of understanding between the two. Just like you are completely transparent to your very close friends, you also need to be equally open and approachable with your spouse. Distance and lack of understanding amongst couples is a very common instance, when conjugal life just remains as an adjustment.

To avoid rift among partners, here are some causes that are important to be known and prevented –

1. Lack of Trust

Trust is just not a virtual word; you need to have faith in your partner and keep suspicion away from your relationship in reality. Lack or loss of trust is one of the most devastating factors in couples. You won’t know how it started and how big the impact can be. Once trust is lost, it slowly adds doubt in the relationship and you will be bothered by the doubt in mind every minute until you get the suitable answer to it and this can lead to many unwanted effects.

2. Different Expectations

Every individual is different in this world and partners especially differ in outlook, likes, dislikes, ideologies and prejudices. This can be a root cause of broken relationship if they are not in a compromising mood ever. Expectations can be as high as the sky but you must realize that your partner might be engrossed with some other priority at the moment but would fulfill your expectation sometime later. It is the best practice to keep expectations at bay so that the outcome does not come unwanted.

3. Futile and Less Communication

Couples should spend time together; they should speak about each other’s happiness, problems, aspirations, thoughts, feeling and other aspects of life to build the bond. When words are replaced by silence, it slowly kills the attraction and attachment of the partners and can even lead to a void life or separation.

4. Lack of Romance, Sex and Commitment

Romance and sex are two essential things in a conjugal life. Finding mental and physical satisfaction from the partner is a justified and normal thought. At times when you are not able to get satisfaction from your partner you look to get it from someone else and the consequences can be disastrous leading to broken ties.

5. Keeping Secrets from Partner

Never keep away secrets from your partner. Relationship between couples should be transparent; secrets can make your spouse feel unattached specifically about something which is important in your relationship.

6. Difference in Priorities

Couples may have different priorities in life – if its career for you, your spouse might find personal time and vacations to be important. The fact is both are important and it is your duty to get a clear work life balance. For a healthy relationship, you should have a well disciplined and priority set life.

7. Insecurity

Insecure minds can never think positive about the relationships – the causes of insecurity can be many like disturbed childhood, lack of self confidence, previous affairs etc. To keep your relationship going fine, you need to develop a mental state of security and faith.

8. Loosing Self-Control

Anger can make you lose everything. Keep control of your temper; often out of heated conversations or moments couples tend to misbehave with each other and speak out words that leave marks for ages. If you cannot handle your temper through natural means, you can opt visiting counselors or psychiatrists who shall provide you medical recommendations.


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