7 Tips For The Art Of Flirting

flirtingGone are the days when the girl had to wait in vain and sigh in sadness waiting for the guy to make the first move.

With a touch of guile and a few helpful tips, you can get the guy to take notice.

And once you have his attention, there are ways and means to hold it! So here are some tips for flirting that can get you ahead in the dating game:

1. Be confident of yourself. If you have an opinion on a subject, express it, and if required, be prepared to defend it. If you feel confident on the inside, it will show and self confidence is an attractive trait for the opposite person.

2. Whenever you get the chance, go for it. This doesn’t of course mean interrupt when the person is watching their match sitting with mates at a pub. But if you do meet him in the elevator, strike up a conversation – the sort that can lead to a coffee later!

3. Practice on a friend if required. If you are not the flirtatious sort, it may not come easily to you so it may be a good idea to practice on a supportive friend first. He or she may tell you that you may be batting your eyelids a wee bit too much or if you come across too strong to begin with.

4. It’s not a bad idea to get to know what the object of your desire likes and is interested in. Ask a few subtle questions from a mutual friend, so find out likes and dislikes. Who knows you may find that you have similar likes or dislikes, and this could serve as common ground to build on.

5. Yes it’s OK to buy the guy a drink. That could be just the sort of ice breaker he may appreciate. It is also OK to offer to pick up the tab or share it if you go out, however if it is a matter of principle for him, you may want to yield in that instance.

6. Make eye contact. It communicates interest in the other person, and is a powerful tool of seduction. It makes the person believe they have your full attention and that there is no one else in the world you would rather be with at the time.

7. Smile and make it fun. Getting serious about flirting could be off-putting, making the person uncomfortable. So relax and remember to enjoy yourself!



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