5 Things You Didn’t Know About Divorce

divorceA break-up in marriage is most terrible thing that any person needs to go through. Now-a-days, many marriages are ending up with divorce due to many reasons.

More and more couples are seeking divorce as an easy way to solve their problems in life, without actually realizing how stressful it could be.

It is very important for couple to realize that break-up or divorce is not the only way to solve problems in life and there are many problems linked with taking divorce. Here are few things which you might not have known about divorce.

1. Born again Christians have the highest divorce rate

The first thing you didn’t know about divorce is that some predictors of divorce need to be shouted from the mountain top.

A study by Barna Research Group found that the 33% divorce rate among born-again Christians, or evangelicals, was the highest among Christian denominations.

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