5 Relationship Rules You Can Break

relationship rulesAt some point they may have held true but there are certain relationship rules that no longer hold true. So here are five relationship rules you can break with impunity –

1. It’s ok to check out other people even with your significant other at your side. While you shouldn’t ogle obviously and not overdo it, it is quite alright to admire the scenery. It does not mean that your boyfriend doesn’t do it for you anymore.

2. Share but skip the inane or inconsequential bits. Share those bits of your day that had some emotional bearing on you; that he may find interesting. Communication is easier when both parties are interested.

3. It’s ok to plan sex; it doesn’t always have to be spontaneous. Planning ahead can enhance the anticipation and helps you make time for some romance in your busy life. Think of it as “mental foreplay”, as Ian Kerner, PhD, author of Be Honest — You’re Not That into Him Either puts it.

4. You don’t have to fix the problem right away; sometimes it actually helps to sleep on it. Sometimes trying to fix the issue now can actually exacerbate it; whereas taking some time may help bring in a rationale perspective.

5. It’s ok to still be friends with an ex, but keep it casual. It should make a current boyfriend feel threatened or jealous and also make sure that there are no romantic feelings left for your ex there.



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