5 Habits For Women To Break When In A Relationship

While you don’t need to become a different person when you get into a relationship, it does make sense to make some changes that help you work on and strengthen a relationship. Because some habits may be bad for your relationship, you should try and change them:

paying bill in restaurant

1. Cut the flirting: Being friendly with others is one thing, flirting is quite another – this cannot be the same as when you were single. Think of your significant other and how he would be hurt by this habit of trying to have your cake and eat it too!

2. Expecting him to pay: In the early part of the relationship, he may have picked up the tab each time, but later in a relationship that should change – you should be paying at least some of the time if not going dutch every time.

3. Girls’ night out that go too far: Certainly let down your hair with the girls every now and then – but being wasted till the wee hours may not present an attractive picture to your man.

4. Playing hard to get: The mind games should cease if you think you are in a serious relationship, honesty and genuine emotion should be more important at this stage.

5. Not making time: A relationship needs time and nurturing if it is to work over a long period. It has to be a priority – you have to be able to make time for your relationship, particularly when your partner needs you to be there.



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