4 Traits Of Good Friend

As the saying goes, a friend in need is a friend in deed, you have good friends with whom you can share and keep your feelings alive.

Friends play an important role in your life so you have to choose your friends very carefully as they can make and break the relationship.

Some of the traits for a good friend include:

  1. Always positive: A good friend will always think in a positive [positive thinking] way because he will never have any intensions to hurt or to betray others.
  2. Loyal: Loyal friends will keep your feelings to themselves without sharing with others as it might have a negative impact on your friendship.
  3. Honesty: The saying is apt for the friends who are really honest. A friend who is honest will never let you down in any aspect of your life. You are really blessed if a friend is very honest by heart.
  4. Never expect any thing: A good friend is one who never expects anything in return for any help he does. He always has the habit of giving but not taking and also he does not expect you to change for anything. This is one of the best qualities a good friend has.


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