10 Vital Tips For Keeping Your Love Alive Forever

Tips for Keeping your Lover ForeverI think everyone will remember the first meet with their loved ones. Your heart remembers “how gorgeous she stared into your eyes”.

At that time you felt your heart beat more rapidly than usual. Did you observe that at that time how your conversation went so happily?

You might not notice that how the time just passed by “like a blink of an eye”. I presume that all of you enjoyed very much all these moments.

An individual thinks that the angels in heaven and the powers on earth have came together to make those special moments just what they are amazingly perfect. Always you are reminded of that one special moment. You keep that moment in your memory until you live.

Always you begin to relish the memories of your past. That one special moment will always find its space on the top of your list. And still you go on to cherish that special moment and replicate on how situations have been since then.

After that, at some point in your life, you may start noticing a truth that you might not even want to face and by no means had you expected that truth to come. At that moment, you will be surprised and experience some fear in your heart and think that why this is happening.

Love – Originated or Lost

You are not the one who is facing this situation. There are lots of people who are in similar situation as you are. Some of you consider it as love lost, while some others consider it as a wake up call for reviewing one’s priorities in life.

You should not give up or dismiss the present feelings and experiences as your love left sour. Everyone will experience a natural feeling at some point in their life that leads you to query the current condition of your relationship with your special loved one.

So, I suggest you one thing that, don’t give up the love that you once cherished. Instead you need to put it upon yourself. Remember the happiest things and the things both of you spent and shared.

The things may be both bad or good ones and which have become most important milestones in your hand-to-hand journey through life.

After that start to reconsider the current situation you are in now. Also, check the activities that consume most of your time.

As a result, it will make you to understand the main concerns that you might have automatically set upon yourself. After that, try to readjust your relationship back to the previous path.

How to keep your love alive?

Here are some tips that will help you in finding the love back that once you lost.

1. Spending time together and being apart:

The most important thing is you should spend quality time with your partner. Your work might have taken most of your time, leaving you with less time to spend with your partner. It is good for your relationship, if both of you spend time and go out, have dinner and have fun.

Learning to spend time alone is as much important as having good time together. Maintain other forms of social contacts, even when you are in a relationship. It will take out the monotony and routine of having just the both of you together.

Spending the time together and also having the time apart will provide you the balance required in your life. As you are social person, not only you need to maintain the relationship with your partner, but also maintain with group of your fiends.

2. Accept the reality of love and relationship:

Love should not be linked or equated to one’s feelings only. As the word means, feeling is only temporary. So, whenever you state you feel love – you may feel it now but you may not feel it later.

Want to what happens next? Love is similar to a bubble. A bubble can easily formed and easily burst up after short period of time. Love is also same like bubble.

Love is a promise or commitment. Once you decided and committed to love then you don’t bother about what happens next and what difficulties life should bring. If you are truly committed then there is no question of turning back or giving up.

You should bound by your commitment of loving each throughout your lifetime, but not by the feeling you may be experiencing now.

3. Engage in a common hobby:

If you have a common hobby, you will have a chance o do together the things you love very much. You will also have an opportunity for conversation.

These moments are very fun and both of you can just enjoy with what you are doing and sharing things and ideas about your favorite hobby. In this way you can put more enjoyable activities in your daily lives.

4. Chat, chat and chat…!

The main key for love is communication. You and your partner should find time to talk, whatever topic it may be. You can talk about anything, no matter what is the theme of your conversation.

The important thing in your relationship is being able to talk about anything. It illustrates that both of you are concerned about what you have to say and also values your partner’s opinions of whatever topics they may be.

Express all your feelings openly. Allow your partner to know about what you are feeling, so that he/she may understand you better. You both will benefit from the talk when it is a two-way communication.

5. Whatever may be, just believe your honey:

Both of you belong to different backgrounds. Each of you was grown up uniquely in different family settings. Ultimately, at some point both of you will crash on matters that one deals quite differently than the other.

Don’t forget that, each of you is versatile. Constantly you are growing and will be at dissimilar points in life change views, demeanors, traits and perspectives. You should keep this fact in your mind.

While recognizing this, you will be able to realize your partner more and more. You will be more lenient in dealing with each other aspects.

As we are human beings, doing mistakes is our nature. At some point in life you will hurt the other with your actions or inactions.

If you speak harshly with your partner due to his/her minor mistakes or errors, it will be hurtful. Your partner will be upset due to inaction in showing your care and making him/her feel special.

Forgive is the key. Both of you should learn to forgive the other’s made mistakes. Egotism should be put to a minimum and if possible remove it out of your relationship. Egotism leads to crashes in most of the relationships.

6. Take a trip:

Tips for Keeping your Lover ForeverTake a trip to other places. It will refresh your minds from the work pressure in the office and also it will give your relationship a refreshing experience.

Visiting other places and enjoying the beauty is a wonderful experience.

Enjoying the beauty of the places for the very first time will remain in your minds for ever.

These memories are something you can talk about them in coming years.

Remembering those happy memories would bring both of you back to happy times, and it will make your relationship stronger.

7. Remember your true feelings:

May be you can still remember the times how you spent with your special someone. Remember those first few dates, those first fun times, and those first few nights that you both spent.

Can you remember all these feelings and these times? You feel most of the things in your life are great, but the things which were linked to your partner are awesome. Isn’t it?

Once go back to those times and think what made you crazy about your partner. Also, think that what makes your special someone unique when compared with all the lovers around you. What did you love most about partner?

In order to get answers to these questions, you need to go back to the reasons why your partner became a special someone in your life. Simply don’t think about these reasons. Allow your heart to go over these.

By means of these, you will start looking at your partner in a new way and observe her in beautiful manner when your heart was still beating like crazy with the other’s mere existence only.

8. Surprise your partner:

Give surprising gifts to your special someone that he/she loves very much. Your partner will feel great with these gifts. Also give special cards even on ordinary days and pen in your love messages and poems if you can.

Don’t miss the chance to surprise your partner by giving special gifts. With the re-affirmation of your love your better half will be very happy.

9. Play a common sport:

Participating in sports and games is a better way to exercise and feel good. You both will become fit and health and you will enjoy a lot by doing it together.

You will enjoy your weekend routines by scheduling sports and activities. It is an alternative to your usual weekend and you will have twice the fun doing so. This is a good way to meet each others’ friends who share the same love for the sport.

10. Pray for god and let he will be the center of your relationship:

Pray makes the god as a center of your relationship. Stand by what bible teaches regarding love and relationship.

You will become spiritually stronger by maintaining a good relationship with god. Being realistic and faithful to your partner will give you a clean heart and a clean mind.

Away from all the clutters and only concentrate on your special someone then you will be most likely to get a happy and peaceful relationship.

Relationship therapy:

You both may also try for relationship therapy. Whenever you feel the need, consider relationship therapy and seek professional help. By doing so, you both will realize what is happening in your relationship and you both need to do to make it work.

This helps to determine the problem in your relationship by using a scientific approach. The therapist will also help give you a professional advice on how to deal with the problem.

It will take some time and effort to rediscover the love. Discipline is required to keep to your commitment to finding love back into your relationship. Both of you need to work to rediscover love.

Love should not be left on its own. Don’t leave it for a chance. If you observe any signs that show a need to work on it, do it as soon as possible. Don’t wait until your love loses its magic touch. You should constantly try to let love rule in the relationship.

You both should try to keep the love alive in your relationship. One side commitment will never succeed, eventually it leads to failure. Give one more chance to your relationship to bloom. After that both work to improve your relationship and rekindling the love.

Remember all the above mentioned tips to keep your live alive, then you will be on your way to loving back again. Keep the relationship interesting all throughout. Try to find ways to keep the relationship exciting and fun.

Keeping the love alive in between you and your partner will completely depend on how much each of you is willing to work on it. Usually you will have a problem at the start, particularly if both of you is at a failure on what to do primary to find back on the highway of love.

As long as you work on it and your partner is doing the same, ultimately both of you will journey of love again. Live a very happy life!



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