10 Tips to Increase Tenderness in Your Relationship

Tenderness is so important in a relationship though it can be easy to underestimate its value. It is associated with a feeling of warmth, love and security in a relationship and couples can make use of these 10 tips to increase tenderness in their relationship –

relationship1. T for Tender Actions – Honesty in a relationship is one thing; brutal honesty quite another. Some may be just too sensitive to survive that brutal honesty and so it’s important to be tender and gentle with loved ones.

2. E for Emotional Communication – Communicate what comes straight from the heart, something that has no agenda and is not an attempt to wrest control from the other.

Be generous and giving in a relationship and be trusting that your efforts will be reciprocated.

3. N is for Notice – How your partner feels; be sensitive to their feels of being overwhelmed or hurt. Don’t be so embroiled in your own life and feelings that you become insensitive to those of your partner. Just a kind word here or there could make a world of difference.

4. D is for Develop a code – This can be a special, intimate, secret thing between couples that no one else is privy to – a touch, a look, a word, is all it should take.

5. E is for Easy does it – Remember healing takes time, so if a partner has had a setback, be patient and help to heal the wounds.

6. R is for Respond with consideration – don’t apportion blame and condemn, don’t make it about the other person being wrong. Finding fault and doing so consistently can hurt the very basis of a relationship, so proceed with care.

7. N is for Never be mean – If the person means something to you, never be mean, never belittle – it can be damaging to the other person’s sense of self worth.

8. E is for entice – Bring the romance back into your relationship by enticing your partner to be more romantic. Set the mood right from the time you get up in the morning and then build up to a wonderful evening.

9. S is for sympathy – Offering of sympathy is important because it helps your partner feel secure and connected with you; helps them feel that here is the sort of comfort they cannot hope to find anywhere else in the world.

10. S is for Safety – Make your partner feel secure and safe with you, make it easier for them to express tenderness towards you, with your own tender actions.



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