What to Expect from a Team Leader – 8 Qualities a Leader Should Have

Whether you are a team member or a team leader you can benefit from knowing what to expect from a team leader.

As a team leader, you know what individuals in your team expect from you, and as a team player you know what you can legitimately expect from your leader.

What to Expect from a Team Leader

1. Personal competence

Leaders who want to know “what to expect from a team leader” need to know that a leader can only lead by example. A team leader has to set the standards that they want others in the team to match up to.

It is not enough that the leader has a great plan, they also have to know how to bring that plan to fruition and the ability to do all that is required for this.

2. Approachability

Aloofness can come across as being uncaring; detachment can be mistaken for indifference. So a team leader always needs to come across as being approachable and amenable to new ideas and suggestions.

3. Compassion

The list of what to expect from a team leader has to include compassion. If a team member needs help, provide it, if they cannot manage on their own, offer support. In other words, be compassionate to team members and know when too much is being expected of them.

4. Being part of the team not above it

Any special privileged or perks that the team leader has should be earned, not assumed as a matter of right. A team leader needs to be a part of the team working from within rather than directing from above.

5. Respect

A team leader can command respect; but they should also give the same respect to other team members, their ideas and their contributions.

6. Bringing out the best in each team member

Knowing about the potential and special abilities of each team member ought to be part of what to expect from a team leader. The leader should try and work towards the maxim, the right job for each person and each person for the right job.

7. Fostering communication

The channels of communication need to remain open and easily accessible at all times and agood leader encourages feedback. This applies not only to bilateral communication between the leader and each team member, but also between two team members and the team as a whole.

8. Giving credit

A leader should take credit on behalf of the entire team rather than take all the credit themselves. Also they ought to accepting blame when it is due to know what to expect from a team leader.



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