Some Top Leadership Development Methods and Tips

Dwight Eisenhower once described leadership as the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.

This thought encapsulates some of the top leadership development methods and tips you are likely to find anywhere. So what makes a good leader? What do you need to do to become one?


1. Explode leadership myths

One of the first leadership development methods and tips is to explode some popular misconceptions about what makes a leader.

Leaders are made and not born – you don’t have to have any “innate leadership skills”. You can develop these.

Leadership is not about authority or power –  it is more about inspiration, persuasion and setting examples of excellence.

Also don’t assume that group members are resistant to or resentful of your leadership – proper communication within the group could be the key to dismantling these misapprehensions

2. Lead by example

To the extent possible, set an example to people in your team. If you need your team to work long hours, work even longer hours yourself! Earn the respect of your team to be an effective leader.

3. Educate yourself

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other, said one of the great leaders of the 20thcentury, John F Kennedy and therein lies the next one of these leadership development methods and tips. A leader has to constantly keep learning and evolving. Keep informed and keep abreast with what is going in the marketplace as well as in your own organization.

4. Innovate

Innovation means that you’re constantly trying out new things to see what works better for your group dynamic. It also means that you keep your team members from getting bored and losing interest.

5. Empower

Let each member of the team feel valuable. Also give them the support, the resources and theindependence to do their job well. Don’t interfere, and don’t micromanage.

6. Acknowledge and value contributions

One of the leadership development methods and tips that keep a team motivated is acknowledgement of individual contributions and seeing those contributions as valuable. Give credit where it is due.

7. Inspire; don’t use authority

When you want team members to work using their own initiative, you need to be able to inspire them. You cannot tell them what to do all the time.

8. Be flexible

While you need to be seen as committed to ethical and principled leadership, you also need to include leadership development methods and tips relating to flexibility in your approach. You need to be approachable and receptive to new ideas as a leader.



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