Improve Leadership Qualities – Imagination

Leadership TrainingSometimes, to invoke new ideas that work toward goals you have to use your imagination.

Sometimes we set goals and plan to reach those goals, but sometimes plans fail.

Thus, we have to use the imagination and probably change those goals along the way; however, a true leader will not stop until he gets what he wants. The imagination can do wonders for the mind.

Constructive Imagination

Constructive imagination is the procedure of using the creative parent side of the mind to make something work. Leaders use their imagination to model values; enforce laws, rules, morals, policy, morale, ethnic, beliefs, and the like.

Leaders are aware that the imagination can work for you or against you and take; every step to make sure the imagination works in their favor while considering others.

Imagination is the act of having power to form mental images. The mental images formed are of something, or some effort that is unknown to the leader, yet with senses he will look at what is not always a whole perception of realities.

It is a creative thinking ability to deal and confront problems. Imagination is creations in the mind, and sometimes has an assumption based on emptiness. It is a resourceful nature of humans, which activates the mind. It sparks interest.


Visions are also objects of the imagination. Visions on a leader level are interpreted as goals in which one is willing to go beyond to attain. However, in true definition visions are seeing something beyond what is normal.

This is a quality of a leader. Envisions is what a leader uses to put his self in the future by considering the goals he sets and the effort he will put forth to reach those goals.


Imagination brings us to visual imaging, which actually is the imagination at work. Visualizations are the procedure of creating images that connect with a problem to bring out new ideas and revolvers.

Visualization is mental images. It is the act and/or process of visualizing interpretations by putting the interpretations in mental forms. For example, a visualization image could stem from a diagram drawn.

Creative Minds

Creative minds often mark their abilities while using their powers of the mind to create a workable scheme. The leader creates rather than imitates. He manages to work around unethical laws, policy and the like, while avoid breaking the rules. He has limits, boundaries, and work with those traits accordingly.


Leaders will re-create, i.e. he will form new ideas from the imagination if he needs to make things work properly. As you can see, the leader has many resources and will use each resource to his advantage while considering others.

Dreams Work

Dreams work for leaders as visionary creations stemming from imagination. While the leader will employ his imagination, visions, envisions, visualizations and the like, he will always remember reality.

Let’s see if you can use your imagination to finish your missions in life. Start with setting up a small goal for self; say you want to finish college in the next year. Now, use your imagination to see what you can do to reach those goals?

Do you see hard work? Are you willing to remove traps from your path that could hinder you from achieving those goals? Are you willing to go beyond to put forth the effort to reach your goal?

Now, if your goal is to finish college in one year and you just started college yet want a master’s degree, the goal you set is unrealistic.



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