Activities and Games to Enhance Leadership Qualities

If you are trying to enhance your leadership qualities then it is important for you to know that there are several qualities that you must possess in order to become a good leader. Decision making, communication and problem solving are only a subset of the skills that a good leader should possess.

The importance of leadership can be traced in team works. Wherever team work is required, leaders play a very important role and the success or the failure of the team highly depends upon the efficiency of the leader. If you are also trying to enhance your leadership qualities then here is a list of some of the activities that can help you.

enhance leadership qualities

Activities to Enhance Leadership Qualities


Prepare a set of questions for the participants and let them prepare their answers within a specified time limit. The questions which the questionnaire must include involves: “how will you motivate your team for better work?”, “How will you plan to achieve the specified aim?” etc.

After the specified time period, ask the participants to share their answers with one another. This questionnaire helps the participants in analyzing their own capabilities as leaders.

Group Problem Solving

The major test of a good leader is during team work. Divide your teams into small groups with a leader and assign them a problem. The problem can be anything ranging from a jigsaw puzzle to a real world problem. Ask the team to solve this problem within the time limit. This activity will help in analyzing the communication skills and problem solving skills of the participants.

Blind Walk

A good leader should be trustworthy and the blind walk activity aims at revealing this skill of the participant. For this activity, you should divide all the participants into teams of five or six members. These team members should select a leader for themselves.

All the other members apart from the leader must be blindfolded. The leader is given a path through which he must guide his team. This activity focuses on skills like communication and trust building.

If you regularly practice the above activities, it will definitely help you to enhance your leadership skills. Moreover getting enrolled to the social and multi functional training centers that have a curriculum of various activities would also take you ahead in the race of life by improving your leadership skills.

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