Top 8 Tips for a Successful Marriage

If you ask two happily married couples for their own tips for a successful marriage, they are likely to give you two quite different answers. However if you ask them specific questions about what they do and don’t do in their relationship, their answers are likely to be similar.

Top 8 Tips for a Successful Marriage

So what are the things that most happily married couples do and don’t do? Here’s some insight and some tips for a successful marriage:

1. Appreciate each other

Appreciate each thoughtful gesture. Don’t forget to be polite with your spouse. Just because you live with them doesn’t mean you no longer say ‘Thank You’, ‘Please’ and ‘Sorry’.

Remember what attracted you to your spouse in the first place and continue to appreciate their good qualities.

2. Enjoy doing things together

Don’t assume that hobbies, sports or activities your spouse is interested in are not your cup of tea.

Try them out –  playing golf with your husband may be right up your street or conversely going for salsa class with your wife may be a fun workout!

3. Never say “I told you so”

This is one of the age-old tips for a successful marriage. Saying I told you so implies that you are trying to score points off each other or that you’re trying to outdo the other in some way. This undermines mutual respect.

4. Make your spouse and your marriage a top priority

Always think in terms of ‘we’ and not ‘me’; in terms of ‘our money’ and not ‘my money’. You can do this if you consider your spouse and you to be part of the same unit and if your marriage is your top priority.

5. Don’t sleep on a quarrel

Resolving conflict effectively is crucial to a happy and healthy relationship. Don’t let negative feelings fester and don’t bear grudges. Resolve quarrels and disagreements quickly before they spiral into something worse.

6. Keep the passions stoked

Continuing physical intimacy is one of the vital tips for a successful marriage because it keeps a couple bonded; physically and mentally close to each other. Schedule dates, get inventive do what you have to, to keep things fresh and exciting between the sheets.

7. Don’t forget important days

She may set a lot of store by the day that you met. He may set store by the date on which the finals are scheduled. So remember days that are important to the other even if they seem inconsequential to you.

8. Share responsibility

Shared chores and responsibilities are one of the important tips for a successful marriage. Not only does this mean you lighten your spouse’s load but you also prevent their feeling resentful.



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