6 Things that you must not Say to your Spouse

Often during a heated argument among spouses, people say things that they don’t mean to. But since the other partner does not know, that they did not mean it, it can unnecessarily complicate the situation and also hurt the person on the receiving end.

Therefore one must be careful before saying things they do not actually wish to say. But what are these things that one should never say to their spouses? Here are a few such phrases, which you should refrain from using while speaking to your spouse, even during a fight.

things that you must not say to your spouse

Top 6 Things that you must not Say to your Spouse

When married couples fight, more often than not they say certain common things, of course in different ways and languages. Here are the most common things that spouses say each other, but it should be avoided –

You are just like your Father

This phrase is commonly heard from wives and this kind of statement is humiliating and belittling. Often it apprehends that the partner is showing off his worst family traits and all the criticisms are being compared to his father. Whatever the situation is, every child is close to their parents and any person speaking bad about parents can hurt and also disrespect the relation. Refrain from saying such lines.

You Need to Lose Weight

This is phrase that is commonly said by men to their wives. Your wife is already aware that she has put on weight and she also might have made substantial plans to shed the extra pounds. Thus this kind of blunt statement can hurt her as she might be already in a mental tension regarding her weight gain and husbands keeping reminding of the same can be irritating.

Don’t Say “Nothing” When there are Grievances

Stop the silent treatment, because that is one of the strongest deal breakers. So when your spouse asks you, “what is wrong?” do not reply with “nothing!”  Tell them the exact nature of the problem, instead.

Marrying you was the Worst Decision in my Life

This is the most common phrase that couples use during a heated argument and is probably the rudest one! Considering the present scenario, you must have said this out of frustration and other serious issues but by saying this kind of statement you will not only insult the platform of love but also the basic instincts that are keeping both of you together.

When will you get a New Job?

This question means that you are not happy with the contribution your spouse is making to the family. Especially the financial input is not satisfactory in your eyes. This issue can be discussed in a subtle and soft way, instead of putting it forth with such hard hit.

My Mother Warned me about this

Again a very thoughtless but common statement heard amongst couples! You mother might have warned you about many things but it is not relevant now as you have already taken the move and what is important is to resolve issues. This kind of statements will not only ruin your relationship with your partner but also his / her relation with the mother in law.

If you can avoid saying these things, you will probably be able to handle a fight well.


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