6 Simple Strategies to Keep your Love Alive Even After Kids

Most of the new parents are seen struggling to find some time for them – be it for an outing, romance, or just few minutes to have a discussion. The main reason for this is lack of time management and work distribution pattern. Sleepless nights, unending chores for the baby and home and fulfilling all the other responsibilities must be taking away all the time!

Instead of living as partners it becomes sort of parallel living between couples. There are challenges with a baby for sure, but they can also be handled judiciously to give you enough of time to spend with each other. Here are the ways –

strategies to keep your love alive even after kids

1. Scoop Out the Time

It is definitely difficult, but makes a specific routine for yourself and your baby as well; so that you can spare some time for your husband. Simultaneously, if you are the man, try to return home early and help your wife in doing at least some indoor jobs so that she can devote that time for you.

2. Follow Some Daily Rituals

This act will bound to manage time for yourself. Do some activities together and make it a habit – it can be making the morning tea/coffee together or having them together in bed, making the kids ready for school together, spending the Friday evening together at home keeping the kid busy with a cartoon show or something.

3. Whisper Words that Care

Even amidst lot of chaos if your loved one whispers few words of love; it means a lot! For wives, a little appreciation for the efforts they make is just what makes them really happy and motivated. While it’s also important the wife should understand and reciprocate how much she is happy and lucky to have a man who cares and supports. Show gestures that portray affection and love.

4. Take up New Hobbies that Involve Both

Gardening, films at home, indoor games, music; new recipes are just some ideas to foster hobbies that would interest both of you. Doing them together will help you to kindle the love and togetherness that you are yearning for!

5. Sex is Important

Yes it’s a very vital physical need. Make a conscious effort or rather schedule your sex! If late night is a difficult and tiring time, try it out early morning before you get out of bed – this is even healthier than night time sex.

6. Be Supportive

Be it the father or mother – handling everything all by own is just next to impossible. Once you have a baby you have to get settled with specific set of duties. The father should be handling the outdoor activities completely and the mother should do the indoor ones – yes, this has been the traditional taboo! But nowadays, couples are dividing their indoor and outdoor activities as per convenience and time.

Like both of you can go for the weekly grocery shopping together with the kid, divide the laundry work on certain days, serving the dinner can be done by the husband atleast on some days etc. This has to be done with adjustment and affection. Burdening one with all the activities will make it pressing and chaotic.

Apart from the above mentioned points there are again many more ways to get intimate time post having a baby – get a maid for some of the jobs, laugh together whenever time allows, seek professional counselling if needed.


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