New Parents, Don’t Forget To Reconnect

new parentsIn the welter of new emotions that parenthood brings and the masses or extra work it creates, it is easy for parents to lose sight of one another, or one another’s emotional needs and the relationship in general.

It is important to take stock and take the time to reconnect with each other, to focus on this primary relationship so that it is not lost in the exigencies of the new one:

  • Remember that a healthy and loving relationship between couples has a positive impact on the child and his development.
  • Make time for each other and for romance. Whether it is just a snatched few moments, or a spontaneous date at home by the fire or a proper dinner date for two, make the effort to reconnect and reignite the early magic of the relationship lest it be lost.
  • Take a walk. Take the time to be outdoors together as a family even if it is only for a short time. Breathing in fresh air, appreciating the natural sights and sounds of the environs can also help to re-bond.
  • Constantly communicate. Try to sit down and unwind together each day, chat, exchange news and views, tell each other how the day went and don’t let the hurly burly of each day get to you. This will recharge you in new ways.


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