Marrying at a Young Age – Merits and Demerits

‘What is the perfect age to get married?’ – This is one question that must have come across your mind at least once, if not more.  Marriage is one decision that must be taken with utmost care as it involves more than two lives. If you are wondering whether it is better to get married at a young age or not, then you are at the right place. Like everything else, marrying at a young age has both pros and cons as given below:

merits and demerits of marrying at a young age

Pros of Marrying Young

Youthful Vigour and Growing Old Together

There is something about youthful love, which you cannot experience at the later stages of life. With age comes maturity and there would many things that you or your partner would not do as your ages would become a barrier. Surprises, the feeling of being ‘crazy’ in love and doing all sorts of crazy stuffs are mostly seen amongst the youth. It is not that older people do not do all these stuffs, but that is not very common.

Also, the feeling of growing old together is something that you can experience only when you marry young and you can also plan your future together. You can stay married for as long as 50 years or even more.

You Become Responsible

By marrying at an early age, you learn to become more responsible and you just cannot think about yourself. You would also have to think about your partner. You will understand the meaning of having your own family and thus, become more responsible.

No Pressure for Children

By marrying young, you can enjoy your married life for a long time, as you do not have to plan for a family soon after your marriage. You can start planning many years later. Conceiving at older age however, might have complications thus know the right age for conception.

Cons of Marrying Young

Many Responsibilities and a Lot to Learn

While it is true that marriage makes you responsible, it is also true that many a times, young people are not ready for the same. They eventually have to learn things hard way and that is something that many people would not want.

Also, if your rush into marriage, you might get surprised by seeing many traits of your partner that you never thought existed.


No matter when you marry, comprise is something that you would have to do. At an older age, you might be matured enough to deal with these compromises. When you are young, you might not take it in the right way.

Money is an Issue

Young couples do not really earn enough as it’s just the beginning of their career, unless if you have wealthy parents for backup. Financial problems can be stressful as many a times; you might have to make sacrifices.

Thus, there is both pros and cons of marrying young. The success of your marriage would depend on the efforts of you and your partner, no matter when you marry.


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