Marriage – Romance Rules

Romance RulesRomance is sort of like a fantastic way in which people can balance each other. This can come about in a lot of different approaches that are possibly already happening in your relationship. You simply don’t know how to see it yet.

Changes Since Your Marriage

Think about the changes that occurred since your marriage. You can possibly say that quite a bit has changed. Now think what hasn’t changed since you got married.

You can possibly say that quite a bit hasn’t changed as well. Your spouse, your love and your romance offer the opportunity to balance your relationship beautifully.


You may feel threatened in some way when you think about surrendering entirely to your love for your spouse. You should remember one thing that you can always lose yourself in that love without the risk of losing your individuality.

Compromise is always possible without having to compromise what you are. You can also allow yourself and even accept change without losing your uniqueness.


Growth is always possible but it doesn’t mean apart. You and your spouse are capable of having disagreements without arguments. Without losing control of yourself, you can allow yourself to experience emotion and feelings.


The base for any relationship, particularly for marriage is “Trust”. It is because of trust that you can give anything to your partner without the fear of losing. You can open up to him or her without the fear of being judged.

It is possible to keep the passion alive in your marriage for the extent of your lifetime, you can remain a responsible adult while indulging in your inner child and the only time you are truly known is in your intimate, long-term relationship- your marriage.

Unless you open up your heart completely, your loved one cannot know who you truly are. Without being vulnerable you cannot be a participant in a loving relationship. Being close always comes with a risk even if you are with your spouse and you must be willing to face that risk.

Supportive Environment

You both should make sure that you create a supportive environment or else you will never be able to share your feelings freely with one another. Spontaneity and control don’t work well together. In fact, they can’t work together at all. Control need to be addressed, if it is the issue for either of you and/or your spouse.

Dependency And Independency

Unless you are first able to be independent on your own, you will never be able to be interdependent with your spouse. Dependence is a harmful thing in any relationship and it must be changed into a healthy dependence.

Learning From The Mistakes

You and your spouse should accept the fact that neither of you can grow without learning from your mistakes. You can learn how to forgive others and grudges cannot be held, once you learn how to forgive yourself. Broken hearts will not heal unless that heart is put at risk again.

Love And Intimacy

The point of romance is to grow together in love and intimacy. Love and intimacy can mean differently to different people, and it is the healthy relationship, which they all need. Live together, learn together, grow together and love together.



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