Marriage Relationship Celebration

You obviously love and care for your partner and what you want to have together, if you are spending time looking for ways in which you can improve your relationship. Start your changes by celebrating your relationship.

You can celebrate any day at any time and you can also celebrate by surprising your spouse. Celebrate the joy of having met that person who is very special to you, find joy in the wonderful things that ‘click’ about you and your spouse and celebrate what you are dedicated to building together.

On Your Next Birthday

Celebrate your next birthday with your spouse and see how he or she makes your existence better by gifting him or her. He or she will be so surprised that you might see a tear or two of joy fall.

Pay Attention

Really listen to what your spouse says, pay attention to the items he or she says he would like to try someday and get it for them. Start paying attention to what he or she likes.

Don’t give it to your spouse immediately and put the item away for a period of time i.e. for a week or month, it depends on your wish. When you think that he or she will no longer remember discussing the item with you, present it to them as a gift.

Daily Tasks

Take over a chore or daily task for your spouse without letting them know about your intentions. Mow the lawn, cook and clean up from meals, washing the car, or clean the house, do something substantial for him or her.

If you find that he or she loved having the break from a particular task, do it over and over again as often as you can.


Balloons are one of the most recognizable symbols of a celebration. Fill the living room before he or she gets home from work. Fill your car with balloons and take them home to him or her.

Make sure you have some balloons marked with your names in hearts on them and some should have personal messages written as well. Begin the celebration of your love today.

So on each major and minor holiday start celebrating with your spouse. Begin with New Year’s Eve and do it big. Valentine’s Day should be done as lavishly as possible. Go to New York City and go to Times Square if that’s as big as you can think.

Always celebrate each other’s birthdays and do it with flair. Plan to attend the most extravagant fireworks display you can find or plan on making fireworks of your own at home on the Fourth of July.

Your Anniversary should be a special day and celebrated with an expensive bottle of your favorite drink. Get dressed up on Halloween as your beloved fantasy characters and role-play for the entire evening.

Celebrate any and every day you want by staying home from work and playing in bed. Celebrate as often of infrequently as you want to, but make sure you take the time to play, surprise each other and celebrate your relationship.



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