Marriage – Mood Makers For Love

You will start to experience a wonderful new mood inspired by your new love affair with your spouse, once you start bringing romance back into your life or even if you’re trying it out for the first time.

Traditional Romantic Gestures

Start off slowly with the traditional romantic gestures like flowers, candy, holding doors open, little love letters and special attention to his or her needs. You will find that your appetite for more romance and other similar moods will increase with time, once you make these romantic gestures habits in your marriage. You can satisfy your appetite with some fun and sensuous as well as romantic ideas.

Be Creative

Be creative with what you can come up with, when you find that you are ready to implement romantic acts into your daily routine with your spouse. For example, you can buy decorative pillows for the bedroom with “Tonight” and “Not Tonight” printed on either side.

You can make up your own ‘code’ to say whenever the mood strikes you, when you want to think of your own. Try something even more subtle like saying the same word three times in the same sentence like ‘blue’ or another obvious word.

Walk up to your partner and begin humming ‘your song’ in his or her ear. Pull a Carol Burnett and tug on your ear lobe- whatever you both agree on will be a small form of your own private foreplay that will make you want to rush home and make love!


Sometimes it takes something extra special that both you and your partner enjoy getting in the mood like chocolate. Chocolate is one of the few objects that most men and women share a love for and never tire of.

You can use chocolate in a number of ways to spark romance or begin a little foreplay with your partner. You can always, of course, present your spouse with a gift of their favorite chocolate and that is sometimes enough to get him or her in the mood.

Try bringing his or her favorite chocolates to bed one night and feed each other. You can always be selfish and only allow your spouse to lick off what melts on your fingers. Also, you can ‘accidentally’ get some melted chocolate on your spouse! Lick it off, say that it tastes so much better on them and do it again and again!

Tips To Improve Your Marriage Relationship

  • Go out for a Sunday afternoon brunch or a weekend at a downtown hotel or nearby resort.
  • Take a hot bath together.
  • Write love letters to each other.
  • Take a vacation together and watch the sunrise.
  • Listen to your partner. Pay close attention to what both he or she is saying, and not saying.
  • Surround yourself with other married couples who also support your marriage.
  • Make time for your partner.
  • Many people treat their colleagues and coworkers better than they treat their mate. Always bring your best home.
  • It’s more important to like someone than it is to love someone. If you truly like your partner, you are less likely to do things to hurt him or her. So always be kind to your partner.
  • Tell the truth; give your partner truthful information about you so that he or she will know how to handle you properly.
  • Do the right thing. When faced with choices, make the choice that will strengthen the marriage.
  • Open up and communicate always, Share your feelings.
  • Give your partner a surprise gift.
  • Look at your wedding album.
  • Revisit the place of your first date.
  • Re-energize your sex life, Experiment with new sexual positions. If necessary, seek professional help. Some therapists recommend that couples view movies together.
  • Make a list of issues that are affecting your relations and sit down together to resolve them. Resolution is the bloodline of a healthy marriage.
  • Accept your partner.
  • Create new memories together.
  • Visit a marriage counselor when times get tough.


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