Making Intercultural Marriages work smoothly – Dealing and Adjusting

Intercultural marriages are getting popular these days. Intercultural marriage is the legal husband and wife relationship between two people that belong to two different cultures. The people are getting along with each other well in a relationship but the main problems arise when the partners are married and have to face and deal with the other ones’ culture. Since the couple belongs to different cultures, they have different opinion on matters, different lifestyle, different family rites and rituals, etc. You may find problems in dealing and adjusting yourself in the changed atmosphere but you can try to get mingle up with each other’s culture.


Some points that you must remember if you are having an inter-cultural marriage are given below:

  • Get acquainted with each other’s culture – Before irrationally taking the decision of getting married to a person who belongs to a different culture, you must try to first learn about their culture and so does your partner should also try to do. Living with their family in the same culture for some time will make you aware of the lifestyle and living standards of that place. If you can easily adjust and deal with the culture then you should get married.
  • Respect each other’s culture and their value – You and your partner must know the value of each other’s culture. In the long run of a marriage, you will come across situations where you will find devaluing and hurting each other’s culture. An inter-cultural married couple should respect the culture of each other.
  • You should adapt to the changes in the culture after marriage – The couple must know the basic difference between adaptation and change in the core values. In an inter-cultural marriage, you must learn to adapt to the culture of your partner. You don’t have to change your core values that you inherit from your culture and can follow them anytime. You just need to learn, adjust and adapt to the new culture beholding the values of the other culture as well.
  • Cultures will have differences – accept and appreciate them – The foremost thing that an inter-cultural married couple must remember that there will always be differences in the cultures. You cannot expect two different cultures to have same values. Cultural difference is a reality in the life of inter-culturally married couples. Accepting those differences and appreciating the little good values in your partner’s culture will not only make you married life sleek but also happy.
  • Listen to what your loved ones need to say – Your loved ones have been with you since childhood and they are the best one to think about your happiness and are genuinely concerned. They may object and question about you marrying a person from some different culture but you should not ignore them and close yourself from them. They may have some important and valuable inputs and suggestions for your marriage and happy life. You should be accountable to your parents and relatives.

Inter-cultural marriages are not a hard task if you and your partner have a warm heart to greet and respect the culture of each other. You can try to learn and get familiar with the culture of your partner before getting into the real life after marriage. Once you know the value of each other’s culture, working through this intercultural marriage won’t be a problem anymore.


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