Keep your Love Alive in your Marriage

Been married for years and are wondering how to keep the love alive and sustain your marriage for longer? It’s a cause of worry for more people than we care to realise. The busy work schedules, the tiring and exhaustive lives, the never ending sagas of the world keep us busy and may draw our attention away from the love in our life and marriage. It is thus important that all individuals make efforts to keep the love in their marriage alive and to not get lost in the hither and tether of the world.

love alive in your marriage

Below given are a few pointers or principles that are found to be effective in keeping love alive in a marriage:


Firstly both the individuals in a marriage must accept each other’s flaws and accept the fact that there will be problems in the marriage and that  both of them will make mistakes somewhere down the line. This acceptance will help them be ready for the ups and downs and handle them the best they can. It is important to embrace the dynamic nature of every relationship and of the world around us. Also remember that every once in a while you have to comprise for the happiness of the one you love.

Praise and compliment

Oh my god you look beautiful! Wow you did this for me! Thanks… these are a few words that must be said in every marriage. Always, always make sure that your praise your better halves and appreciate the fact that they are in your lives. You got to understand how important praising and complimenting others is.

Gift/ Special Gestures

Another way to ensure that the love stays alive in the marriage is to give each other gifts, make some grand gestures or some romantic ones every once in a while. You can also keep date nights where the couple goes out and celebrate the love they both share and keep thing fresh by trying on new things on your date night. Also try not to break the ritual.

Saying ‘I love You’

Must have read this one or heard of it a million times before. Well then read it one more time and make sure you do tell your husband/ wife that you love them. All those who understood the importance of these three words did not need to worry about keeping the love in their marriage, for they already ensured its long life.



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