Improve Your Marriage With A Pinch Of Feng Shui

It’s an oxymoron in the minds of people when they say ‘happily married’. Some succeed and some require a little more (well actually a lot more!) help to get through for their own good reasons.

Feng Shui is known to promote positive energy and good vibes to keep people from certain bad auras that often lead to tiffs and the brewing of unnecessary trouble. So, if you’re looking for a method that will help you get through the rough spots in your married life and rekindle romance, then read on.

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Tips and Tricks to make a marriage perfect with Feng Shui

While there are innumerable methods in Feng Shui on how to spread positive vibes around the household, let’s give you a head start on the few tips that will make a good amount of difference. It’s useful especially for those who have just entered the area of Feng Shui and are willing to take one small step at a time.

Two’s Company

This has double advantages here. Not only does it signify that there are pairs in the house but it also leads you to think that it is a romantic gesture by a loved one.

Shut the Door

Well for starters, it’s good to close the door when you’re with someone owing to the fact that it’s important to have privacy. But do keep in mind that you should shut the bedroom door at night when you’re sleeping.

Chuck the Water Body Out

According to the rule book of Feng Shui, having a water body in the house like a small fountain curie or the like isn’t a very good sign as this brings about negative effects. It also does nothing to boost love in the household.

Crystals – Pretty but Powerful

Rays of the sun through a crystal can help eliminate the negative energy that’s been feeding off your house. Hanging a crystal in your house (preferably where it meets the sun rays) can do a lot of good as it brings in love and happiness at all times.

Having a happy marriage is quite within your reach if you hold on to your partner and look up a few tips and trick here and there just to give it a boost. Feng Shui does the trick when it comes to such areas.

Otherwise, it is deemed as a fiction that people last a lifetime together in today’s times. In case you’re wondering if this is just superstition, then give it a try and let the results speak for them.

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