Importance of Communication in Improving Marriage

Good communication skills are a prerequisite for most of the professions in the world. But the importance of communication is not restricted to the professional and education related aspects of life. Communication is equally important in making the most of personal relationships. It is hence right to say that communication is really important for improving a marriage and making it a successful one. All those who dread the “we need to talk” situations must take note of the fact these talks can lead to many good things in life.

Successfully communicating with one’s partner will make life more blissful and the reasons representing importance of communication in improving marriage are as follows:

importance of communication in improving marriage

  • Communicating about your likes, preferences, personal quirks, needs, desires, beliefs and wants will help your partner learn about you and learn how to make you happy. Communicating about all the above mentioned aspects of one’s personality helps the partners create opportunities to promote a good, healthy and loved life for each other. Thus those who wish to improve their marriage must communicate with each other about all of the above mentioned characteristics.
  • Intimacy is one of the most important components of a relationship like marriage. But it must be noted that intimacy is much more than mere physical contact. It includes emotional fulfilment, emotional understanding and openness. Lacking this sort of intimacy will hamper the relationship and improving a marriage depends on intimacy levels. It is thus important to achieve this sort of intimacy which is possible only through good communication.
  • Marriages do not work on intuition and guess work. In absence of such magical powers the only way mortals can avoid confusions in a relationship and reduce the scope of any problems is by proper communication. Communication hence plays an important part in reducing confusion in relationships and making them last.
  • Communicating openly with each other in case of any turmoil or problems is the only way to find proper solutions to the problems. Problems and arguments will always occur in any relationship and hence being ready to deal with them is the best way to go. Communication plays an important role in solving these arguments and troubles.
  • In a marriage there will be multiple times when both the partners will be required to make many important decisions. These decisions must be made amicably and an important aspect of these is to compromise. The process of decision making and making compromise can lead to troubles in a marriage. Sound decisions with appropriate amount of compromise can be reached only by talking through with each other. The troubles can thus only be countered by good and efficient communication between partners.
  • Everyone needs to feel loved. And every once in a while everyone needs assurances of love. Studies have shown that success and satisfaction of a relationship is directly dependent upon how secure and assured an individual makes his/ her partner feel. Communicating words of assurance and instilling faith in one’s romantic loyalties through successful communication is of utmost importance to improve the status of a marriage.


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