8 Fengshui Tips for Romance and Improving Marriage

Is your love life looking like it’s going to go overboard? Are you stepping in a new relationship? Do you need to harness that light of romance that is fading? Worry not! This article will give you a fair idea how to keep your love life warm and bright always. Here are some Fengshui tips which can help you and your partner feel good about your relationship and help it grow even stronger.

fengshui tips for romance and improving marriage

1. Dual Objects

You can start by placing a pair of mandarin ducks or cranes in the far right rear or the Southwest corner of your bedroom. It is a famous symbol for lovers and can be a potent potion for marital bliss. You may also try and place a pair of red candles and light them once regularly to invoke that aura of romance. You may also keep a pair of chairs. You can spruce up your dinner table too with a salt and pepper shaker, or your bathroom with a shampoo and a conditioner or two sets of towels. Remember the trick is not to have anything single, always try and pair them up.

2. Colors

Remember red, pink and white are the colors of love. So give your bedroom a paint job. No, you do not need to make turn it into a Disney Princess territory but you can use the subtle hints of the above mentioned colors.

3. Decorations

Try hanging pictures of peonies and wind chimes or even a crystal at your windows. The crystal harnesses all the colors of the light thus brightening up your room with vivid colors.

4. Complete Relocation

You must make sure to completely relocate any mirrors, family photographs, dark or abstract paintings, work out machines, work related stuff, games (even video games), and television so far as to keep them out of your bedroom. Remember the bedroom is your abode for love and it should remind you and your partner of nothing else other than the two of you.

5. Placements and Positions

Do not place anything under your bed, or place your bed under a window. Do not place your bed in direct line with the door. Make sure your bed is accessible from three sides, and that you do not sleep with your head towards the door.

6. Cleanliness

Remember not to clutter your bedroom. It should and must be clean and less cluttered. Keep everything well organized. Do not keep anything that reminds you of your old emotional baggage. If you want to have a clean love life remember you need to clean yourself off it first.

7. Making Double Door

Use beads or fabrics as curtains for an impact of double door in your bedroom. This enhances your visuals and creates a romantic atmosphere.

8. Treat Yourself

Try and treat yourself with romantic gifts like a heart shaped pink quartz crystal, or a photograph of you and your partner together. This will constantly remind you of your new relationship and enhance the romance.

These are just a few tips as to how you can spruce up your love life within your house. However, you must not forget one very important thing, and that is to love and feel loved. For if the love is absent then no amount of sprucing up your home can help you attain that bliss you are seeking.


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