101 Ways to Build Happy, Lasting Relationships – Part 8

Love & RelationshipsNew Adventures

Arrange for the two of you to try something new together.

If the two of you like the fine arts, audition for roles in a local community theater.

Enter yourselves into some type of physical competition if you are both the athletic type.

Perhaps you like to travel. If so, arrange for a short trip to some place exotic that you have never been before.

Special Music

Select various songs that your spouse would enjoy and have them either recorded on a cassette or burned on a CD that can be enjoyed while driving to and from work. To add a little spice, record a few secret messages every few songs just reminding them how much you love and appreciate them.

Getting Married

Do something unique and fun if your relationship has moved to a set wedding date and the countdown has started. Visit a candy store and have 30-miniature candy hearts made, each with a special message of love.

Everyday present your spouse with the suitable candy heart. As you get down to the final days before the wedding, they might read something like, “Only two more days”, “Tomorrow: The Big Day”, “I love you, your wife (or husband).”

Adopt a Family

When the Christmas holiday is getting closer, locate a family together from your church, or local charity services, which requires to be adopted for Christmas.

Together, shop for the gifts, and have the family over for the most scrumptious holiday dinner. You will both appreciate what you have even more and also your own special relationship.

Motivate Each Other

Find a mutual incentive that will motivate both of you to being the best you can be. Find something that you can both be excited about and then attach some type of reward to the motivation.

If one of you has had a dream of writing a screenplay, make that your goal and take that on together. The motivation is that when finished, the two of you will take a beautiful, romantic weekend vacation to some exotic place.

The goal could be anything that is significant to one person or both and that can be worked toward completion together.

Another example might be to restore a home. Make this a joint project and then as a reward, add a Jacuzzi into your plans. Use your imagination and enjoy the venture together.

Yet another example would be if your spouse has always dreamed of buying an old model car and restoring it do it together and then take a special trip to the Indy 500 as your reward.

Reap What You Sow

This is an old saying that goes back a very long way but it still holds true today. If you sow love, forgiveness, honesty, encouragement, faithfulness, and acceptance, then that is what you will reap. It is certainly true that what you put into a relationship is what you get back.

Embrace Change

There is no relationship on the face of the planet that goes for many years without change. People change as they mature and view life in a different way, therefore reacting in a different way. Embrace change instead of getting upset with each other over change.

You may not always like the changes that happen, but do not throw away a perfectly good relationship just because the trail starts to wind. Be patient and encourage new directions while being truthful about concerns that might arise.

Board Games

Pick a night, possibly on a cold winter night, and just enjoy playing board games. This can be with just the two of you, or with several close friends. Bring out the snacks, beverages, and just have some fun.

In any relationship of any age, laughter and fun are significant factors. Laugh and enjoy having a good time with good honest fun! You will really be amazed at what this can do for your relationship.

Adore your Spouse

You should adore your spouse and what they bring into the relationship beyond telling your spouse that you love them, that they are special, and having passion in your relationship.

What that means is to appreciate and love them for the person they are, faults and all. This is true devotion to your spouse and demonstration that you do not take them for granted.

No Interference

Never allow other people to interfere with your relationship. If family members try to get in the middle of fights or debates, that is definite problem.

You might have friends with well-meant intentions trying to help you and your spouse solve troubles.

Even though getting another person’s perspective is not a bad thing, ensure it is when you ask for it. It is significant to keep integrity in your relationship and not allow people to interfere.



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