101 Ways to Build Happy, Lasting Relationships – Part 7

Love & RelationshipsPhoto Album

Create a photo album for your spouse as a wonderful keepsake.

Include the parents or siblings to come up with some special childhood and teenage pictures.

Include family, friends, special occasions, and times of the two of you together.

Whenever, the two of you feel as though you are drifting apart or taking one another for granted, pull out the photo album as a reminder of the incredible person in your life.

The Art of Gift Giving

Everyone loves to be given a gift, particularly as a surprise or “just because.” Just keep in mind that while giving gifts is a beautiful thing to do for the person you love, there are five key basics for making your spouse know that you are giving just because you love them.

  • Firstly, put some thought into the gift. Do not just pick up something at the last minute so you are not empty handed.
  • Secondly, make the effort. Even if you have a busy schedule, be sure to schedule time to shop.
  • Thirdly, give with the right attitude. You give because you appreciate and love, not because you want something back.
  • Fourthly, plan what you are going to give. Find something that is important for your spouse and not necessarily to you.
  • Lastly, add the element of surprise into the gift giving. Using this equation is sure to impress your spouse and leave a lasting impression.

A Day at the Spa

For couples where the mother or father stays home and takes care of the children all day long, show your appreciation for the hard work that takes.

Hire a babysitter for about four hours and give your spouse a gift certificate to a local spa where they can enjoy a relaxing massage, sauna, mineral springs, mud wrap, or whatever special treatments are available.

Family History

Perform some extensive research on your spouse’s family history, which will involve some help from the family, and create a website particularly for your spouse’s family where they can share information, pictures, family recipes, and more.

This will take some time and planning but very little money. Myfamily.com is a great site that is extremely reasonable. This will not only touch your spouse’s heart, but the hearts of the entire family.

Take Pride in Yourself

Every relationship goes through down time. It does not mean that just because the flame has become a mild flicker, you have lost the love for each other, but it just means you need to add a little fuel to the fire.

When couples have been together for a long time, the makeup comes off, the nice clothes turn into oversized sweats and tee shirts, and instead of cuddling on the sofa or floor, one sits on the couch and the other in the recliner.

Step back in time and start getting dressed up more on the weekends, invite your spouse to sit with you on the couch, dance together in your living room to some music, or take a walk, hand in hand.

It is significant not to let yourself go, even when your relationship reaches a “comfortable” state. By taking pride in yourself means that you take pride in your relationship.


Find a charity that you would both like to contribute to and give something special in both names. For instance, if there is a synergy house near where you live for unwed mothers, go in together and buy a crib or baby clothes.

Another option would be if a local park needs donations, find out what kind of trees they need and buy a tree together. Make this something special where you go shop together and then present together.

These types of kind acts are great for bringing couples closer together and help both people love and appreciate each other even more for their kindness.

No Jealousy Allowed

Caring and concern are fine to have a healthy relationship but when those emotions change into jealousy, this could be the beginning of trouble. Trust is probably the number one element needed in order to have a strong relationship.

Things will quickly deteriorate without trust. If one of you masters something special, receives a promotion at work, or achieves some great feat, there could be a small spark of jealousy on the other person’s side.

You need to talk about this and make sure that any feelings of inadequacies are permanently put to rest. Every person needs assurance at some time or another and as long as you can communicate, things will be fine.

However, if your spouse becomes withdrawn or irritated, these could be signs that more is going on. Problems are soon to follow once jealousy enters a relationship.


While some people find thunderstorms to be scary, they can also be viewed as being romantic.

If you have having a thunderstorm in your area, without putting yourself in harm’s way, sit out on your porch if the storm is still off in the distance, or cuddled on the couch near a large window and just watch the lightening together.

Host a Halloween Party

Organize a masquerade party together instead of just passing out candy for Halloween, where everyone is necessary to come dressed up. Include in your party food, drinks, door prizes, and games.

Have a few friends provide help you plan this and then go all out. Choose costumes the two of you can wear to enhance each other. A few suggestions would be to Batman and Batgirl, Cleopatra and Marc Anthony, Robin Hood and Maid Marian, Romeo and Juliet, or Sonny and Cher.

You will have a blast with the planning and searching out your costumes. This type of party is great for good laughs and fond memories of each other, which are important for a good relationship.

Keep in Touch

It is important for keep in touch with each other often if you are in a relationship, where your spouse serves in the armed forces and is overseas or in another state on duty, away in a foreign country for school, or separated from you for one reason or another.

There will be stress from the separation but by keeping in touch and informing each other of the things each person is dealing with, how they feel, etc., you will not have any break in your communication.

The goal is that when you get back together, you can easily pick up where you left off. This is a vital time to provide each other with confirmation of your love and validation of your relationship.

While this will need some extra effort on both parts, remember that the separation is not forever.



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