101 Ways to Build Happy, Lasting Relationships – Part 6

Love & Relationships12-Month Calendar

Create a 12-month calendar with pictures of special times spent between the two of you and give it to your spouse as a special gift.

Arrange the pictures to coordinate with the months and then as a Christmas or birthday gift, or just as a special surprise, present it to your loved one.

Something Handmade

You do not have to be a world-renowned artist to make something homemade and special for the love of your life.

Even making a special, personalized greeting card would be appreciated and show your spouse that you care enough to take the time required to make something by hand.

Favorite Meal

If your spouse has a meal, that is by far the favorite above everything else, go all out, and prepare everything to order. Put on something nice and a little sexy, light some candles, and have a wonderful surprise waiting before they arrive home.

Day at the Movies

Have a movie marathon some rainy or cold Saturday. Put all your errands and chores on hold and head to your nearest theater. Hit three or four movies and mix it up. Buy the theater popcorn and drinks but sneak your own candy in.

This is a great way to spend some fun time together, holding hands or cuddling, while sharing some laughs and maybe tears watching a variety of flicks.

Dinner by the Fire

Order in some of your favorite food, open a bottle of fine wine, light some candles, and lay out a cozy blanket in front of a roaring fire. Enjoy feeding each other food, sneaking little kisses in between.

You can build your relationship even stronger with these wonderful romantic moments. This kind of gesture shows your spouse that you really want something special from your relationship and that spending quality time together is a priority.

Name a Star

As a special gift, ask your spouse to join you outside at night when the sky is black and the stars shining brightly. Point up to the universe and state, “See that star over there? That is your star. I bought it for you.”

Then present them with the certificate showing that they do in fact have a star named after them. This wonderful gift will last a lifetime!

A Walk in the Park

It is very important to spend quality time together where you can talk and just enjoy each other’s company in a good relationship.

Plan a nice walk in the park to include a comfortable blanket to sit on the grass with while having a good old-fashioned picnic. Take this time talk, watch other people with their kids, and then just walk around, hand-in-hand.

Trip to the Pound

Take a trip to the local animal shelter if you and your spouse love animals and pick out a dog or cat that needs a good home.

Adopting an animal that needs a home can be a wonderful way to have something that you both can care for and love together.

This will open up for long walks, taking your new dog on a walk, or hours of playing with a sweet and funny cat.

Coupon Book

Create a coupon book filled with any number you like of 20-minute massages. One day when least expected, when your spouse comes dragging in the door tired after a long, hard day at work, present this along with a gentle kiss.

Even though you are the one offering the massages, if you remain faithful to your coupons and never grumble, your love life will more than expected be improved and before long, your spouse will be the one giving you massages.

Scavenger Hunt

Do something extra special, if things have been a little stressed in your relationship. Start by creating a trail of rose petals from the door to the kitchen where your spouse will find a note to go to the bedroom.

In the bedroom, have another note next to an overnight bag telling them to meet you at a specific hotel restaurant where you know the ambience is cozy and romantic.

The note should direct them to ask for you at the restaurant where you will be waiting to enjoy a fine dinner together.

Lead your spouse gently by the hand to a beautiful room after dinner and cocktails that you have reserved for the night. There on the bed is a robe and a red rose. This will do more for your relationship than you can imagine.



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