101 Ways to Build Happy, Lasting Relationships – Part 4

Love & RelationshipsLove Means Having to Say You Are Sorry

Say that you are sorry if you make a mistake by doing or saying something that is hurtful or damaging to the relationship.

Many people struggle with these words, even when they know that what they did was wrong. It in fact takes a strong person to say sorry.

Do not wait until you think you have the courage but say it instantly, and with honesty. Too often when couples argue, there is a long period of silence, which in fact makes the anger and tension worse.

You need to let your spouse know instantly that you made a mistake and ask for forgiveness.

Be Yourself

Do not be spurious in your relationship, trying to be someone or something different as a way to please your spouse. Both people need to be themselves and react to things naturally for a relationship to work.

Just imagine if you are actually kind of on the silly side, enjoying life to the fullest. Then you meet a wonderful person who is much more traditional than you are.

Because you are attracted to them, you try to squelch your usual vibrant personality.

You are miserable and eventually, the person is going to be exposed to the “real” you. You have to base any relationship on honesty or it will ultimately fall apart.

Maintain Your Health

You might think – what does good health have to do with a good relationship? In fact, it has a lot to do with it. Having a good relationship means having the energy to enjoy getting out and doing things together.

To do that, it is vital to eat right. When people are tired, they become short-tempered and irritated.

As a result, it is significant to get the right amount of sleep. Good exercise keeps your body in shape for being adventurous together.

Taking care of your body and mind will flow over into your relationship and make you a calmer, stronger, and better-balanced person.

Compliment – A Lot

Be generous with compliments. It is very ordinary for people to notice something nice about another person and think about it internally, but never voice it. Compliments are like glue in a relationship,.

They hold the couple’s attention and respect. Make sure your compliments are genuine and based on something you see or hear your spouse do.

If you have a clogged garbage disposal and your boyfriend or husband is able to unclog it, compliment them on being handy.

If your girlfriend or wife takes her mother to the doctor, compliment her on her kindness. The fact is that criticism is disparaging and can very quickly tear a relationship apart. Just like the cliché, “If you do not have something nice to say, then do not say anything at all.”

This is absolutely true – take notice of the good things your spouse does and make it known to them that you see and appreciate those things.

Realistic Expectations

No matter how wonderful and perfect your spouse seems, no one is perfect. Be careful about putting someone on a pedestal, particularly in the early stages of your relationship. Make sure that the expectations you have for your spouse and yourself are sensible.

There are going to be differences in opinion, and probably some disagreements. Also, do not guess that your spouse knows how you feel or what you think about something. When discussing something vital to you, make sure that you both understand the same thing.

The truth is that neither one of you is going to know accurately what the other one requirements.

As long as you do not expect them to read your mind and accept that this is a part of getting to know one another and communicating, you will be fine.

Leave the Baggage Behind

Every person on the face of the Earth has some kind of history, or “baggage”, although at varying levels. Do not walk into a relationship with your arms loaded with that baggage. The past is the past.

Although there are things from the past that are upsetting, and even destructive, learn from those things and come out a better and stronger person.

This allows you to step into a new relationship with better knowledge of what not to do. Leave the baggage from the past alone, concentrate on today, and look forward to tomorrow.

Do Not Repeat, Do Not Repeat, Do Not Repeat

Learn from your mistakes. When something goes wrong and the two of you work through it, do not repeat the same mistake. Rather than dive right back into whatever it was you did or said, think before you act.

At first, this will take some discipline but as you see positive outcomes in the relationship, be encouraged that it is working.

Go on a Date

Particularly for married couples, but even for some “dating” couples, start dating. Most of the times, people become very comfortable in their relationship and sitting around on the weekends, watching movies is about as exciting as it gets. Ask your spouse out.

For instance, in fact call them and ask, “If you do not have any plans for Saturday night, would you like to go to a concert with me?” It is very important to relationships that they keep the fire alive by enjoying the act of dating.

There are many people in long-term, successful marriages that will tell you they go out on dates every week, which has been a huge bonus for their relationship.

Memory Box

Start a memory box to store old movie tickets, concert ticket stubs, brochures from cities visited, cards attached to flowers received, old ski lift passes, old love notes or letters, birthday cards or anniversary cards from your spouse, anything that the two of you did together.

Every once in awhile, pull the box out and look at the items with your spouse. Recall about each memento, and keep all the special times in your life close to your heart.

Keep the Kids Out of It

It is very important that they are not used as pawns in any situation, whether married or dating, if there are kids involved.

For instance, if your spouse wants to get intimate and you are not in the mood, do not say, “I need to help the kids with their homework,” or if something that needed to be done was not taken care of since you forgot, do not blame it on the kids by saying, “I was taking care of the kids and did not have time.”

In the first situation, be truthful with your spouse and tell them that you are very tired and while intimacy is significant, you would prefer to ensure the kids are in bed on time so the two of you can have some quality time together.

This opens an honest line of communication and does not place ill feelings on the kids, particularly because it is not their problem to start with.



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