101 Ways to Build Happy, Lasting Relationships – Part 3

Love & RelationshipsMake the Men Feel Good

Here are some recommendations for making the man in your life feel special:

  • Flirt with him in public places
  • Lavish him with compliments
  • Tell him how sexy he is
  • Tell him how handsome you find him
  • Remind him that he is a wonderful mate, husband, father, whichever applies
  • Act jealous once in awhile, even if you are not
  • Just once, leave the toilet lid up

Make the Women Feel Good

Just like men, here are some for making the woman love feeling good about recommendations:

  • Tell her how beautiful she is
  • Compliment her on her many skills (be specific)
  • Tell her how much she means to you
  • Let her know that she is your best friend
  • Let her know that you find her to be sexy
  • Show affectionate to her in front of family and friends
  • Just once, leave the toilet seat down

That Kiss

Kisses can become lame as couples become comfortable with each other. Get rid of the pecks and get serious with the kisses. The next time, when you both, greet each other, enjoy your kiss and do not be so quick to stop.

Although there are proper times for serious kissing, they should be loving, sincere, and passionate, irrespective of how long they last. You will find that as you pay attention to your kissing and let your spouse know that you enjoy kissing them, both of you will feel better about your relationship.

Be Kind to One Another

Unbelievably, kindness is often over simplified. Even good relationships can be short of acts of kindness. This refers to “Do unto others…” Simple acts of kindness can have huge influence on a relationship.

If your wife or girlfriend has been working at the computer all day, walk up behind her and massage her shoulders and neck. If your husband or boyfriend is out working on the car on a hot summer day, make a thermos of ice-cold tea and take it to him, giving him a gentle kiss. You get the idea.

Kindness means looking at the other person’s circumstances and seeing what you can do or add to that circumstances to make it better or easier. This is a way to validate your respect for each other. Kindness will go a long way in a relationship.

Special Hobby

Find some type of hobby that you both enjoy and then do it together. It might be that you both love refurnishing furniture. Turn this into an adventure of going to estate sales together to find nice pieces of furniture and them refurbishing them as a team.

Another choice would be if you have both wanted to learn how to ballroom or salsa dance. Take lessons together so you can then go out on the town and dance the night away. In this you will make your relationship even stronger while adding in something fun that you both enjoy.

Listen – Really Listen

Get into a habit of listening to what your spouse is saying. Not the kind of listening that you do when you go out or sit at the dinner table, but a different kind of listening. Have you ever overheard your spouse make a comment to a friend or family member about something they really want or want to do?

Maybe you heard your boyfriend or husband tell a friend that they would love a particular tool. For no reason whatsoever, make an exceptional effort to get that for him.

You might have heard your girlfriend or wife mention a spa that they would love to try. Again, without any reason, surprise her. This shows that your spouse is in fact paying attention to things significant to you.

Be a Kid

Do not be a prude. There is totally no reason why couples at any age cannot get into tickling matches or wrestle on the floor. Do not let your relationship to grow old and stale.

Understand and accept that it is completely fine to be silly from time to time. If you have nothing special planned on a Friday night, rent a few games, order in Chinese, plug in the Play Station, and play games.

All Decked Out

Even though most people do not get dressed formally to go out, as a special treat, find an upscale restaurant, the opera, or even a ball, where the man can wear a tuxedo and the woman an evening gown.

If possible, rent a limousine and have a bottle of champagne chilling before you get in. You will both feel good about yourselves and spending this magical evening together.

This is something unique that brings another unpredicted twist into the relationship, which keeps things interesting and alive. The two of you will have a romantic night that you will never forget.

Showing Love

Although hearing the words, “I love you” is special and important, sometimes you wish you could tell your spouse and hear from your spouse those words, but in special and unique ways. Here are some ideas of how this can be accomplished:

  • When he gets out of the shower, hand him a warm, cozy towel just heated in the dryer.
  • Rent his favorite movie, even if it is something you do not like, and plan an evening alone where you can be with him as he enjoys his special treat.
  • When you make him pancakes, first pour the words, “I Love You” on the griddle and cook for a minute to brown. Then, pour more batter over the words to create a round pancake. The result will be a pancake displaying those three special words when you flip it over.
  • Take him out to lunch.
  • While he is out of town, wash his car and surprise him by picking him up in a clean, shiny car at the airport.
  • Have his favorite breakfast on the table along with the morning newspaper.
  • Display your favorite picture of the two of you on the refrigerator.
  • Instead of bugging him to go to the grocery store with you, let him stay home.
  • Buy him a subscription to his favorite magazine.

Split the Responsibility

Whether dating or married, weekends are always full of errands and chores. If you find that on the weekend things are lopsided, help your spouse out.

For instance, if there are children involved and one has a soccer game while the other has a baseball game, at the same time, offer to take one of the kids and your spouse take the other. Make this a special time by packing a special lunch or snacks.

Perhaps one of you has company coming and the house requires to be cleaned, groceries purchased, and laundry done. Set aside something you require done and offer to pitch in to help. Simply say you want to help and ask which of the jobs you can take over. This sign will show your spouse that you truly care by sacrificing your time.



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