Tips and Tricks to make yourself Likeable and Loved

Life means attaining goals on a regular basis – be it for short term or long term and in the process you need to interact and get involved with too many people around. Making you liked by all is just next to impossible as all people do not have same outlook and opinion clashes can commonly happen.

However, there are many ways you can make some conscious efforts to get the love and adoration from majority people around. It is not only important to make you feel motivated and wanted but it is also important for better productivity in life. Here are some tips that would help you to be liked by all –

tips to make yourself likeable

Keep an Eye Contact

It is seen in many studies that people make eye contact with the person they feel closest to. Making an eye contact while speaking or interacting will create a bonding and help to one another. It shows that you are paying attention to the person and finding him significant; similar emotions and vibes are felt by the other person.

Be a Patient Listener

It is the innate nature of how much a person likes to talk; some are quite, observant and speak only when it is needed; while others talk unnecessarily too much! If you wish to be loved then be a good listener first and talk only when it is needed; say something meaningful and useful for the people around you.

Do not Backbite

This is a very common phenomenon that makes people hate you. If you are backbiting against someone, it is quite obvious that this habit is carried forward for all the people who are associated with you. This habit of yours can create a sense of insecurity and disbelief amongst your associated people.

Do Favours but do not Boast

Try to be helpful and do favours to your known and unknown people when in need. This is a virtue that should be practised by all to make this world a better place. However, do not boast around saying the list of favours you have made as that will bring out a false pride in you as a person. Be humble and helpful!

Show Excitement when you Meet

If you show how happy and excited you are to meet a person that will create an instant liking towards you. It creates a sense of love and longing. The words like “its great to see you ..” “we are meeting after decades and you are still the same” are some that can bring on a special feeling towards you.

Open Palms Gesture

This is a research study that says that when you are speaking or discussing with open palms, it brings on trust, faith and liking. Instead pointing out fingers is considered to be rude and aggressive. This gesture makes you friendly and likeable.

Chewing Gum

Often this is termed as a bad habit; but it is good if you can keep it controlled and at moderate levels. Chewing gum reduces the levels of your cortisol – the hormone responsible for stress. This habit also makes you more alert and improves your memory. Thus while you are confronting people, you can try out chewing a gum to lessen the chances of primal fight-or-flight mode.

The above mentioned tips if followed tactfully will surely increase the likeability ration amongst your companions.


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