How to Make Your Home an Oasis of Calm

Now that the weather’s finally heating up and the sun is streaming through the windows, our homes can start to feel as stuffy as our winter coats. Thoughts of barbeques, cocktails and ice cream take over, but the mounds of mess and clutter most of us find ourselves steeped in does not summon that summer feeling.

It’s time to take action! Your home should be an oasis of calm, a sanctuary that invites you in and allows you to breathe freely. This may seem like an impossible task, but there are a few simple steps you can take to make your home a more pleasing environment to be in.

make your home an oasis of calmPretty Pastels

Nothing says calm like pastels. Paint the walls a light blue or soothing pink. Think of primrose yellows and soft meringues.

If you don’t want to start stripping the walls, then bring some pastel into your home in other ways. Lightly coloured bed covers, soft cushions and scented candles all do their part to relax and unwind you.

Throw out the Throws

Well, you don’t actually have to throw them out, but put them away. Heavy throw blankets are great for snuggling under on a cold winter’s night, but now you want to breathe fresh life into your home and that means getting rid of extra weight.

Fold up the extra blankets and throws and store them. If you’re lucky enough to have a utility room, you could invest in some handy light shelving that is perfect for storing extra bits and pieces.


No space to hide the important stuff in? That’s because you, like plenty of others, have your cupboards and drawers chock full of rubbish you don’t need. Yes, I’m sure you got a lot of use out of that Hungry Hippos game when the kids were young, but it’s time to let it go.

Music Magpie is the answer to many people’s exasperations over how to get rid of their old CDs, DVDs and games. Pack everything you don’t want off to them and get a tasty cheque in the process! Now what’s more relaxing than that?

Try Something New

Move the couch to the other wall. Replace heavy winter curtains with princess-like chiffon or silk. Even adding extra lighting to a dark corner or bringing new life into a room with fresh flowers or a potted plant can work wonders. Whether you decide you want to do something big or small – make your space your own.

Get rid of dark colours and negative clutter and create a space you truly want to relax in.

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