How To Prepare For The Interview Day?

Getting hired for the job that you need and getting hired for the job you want are two different things. How do you nail the job you want and be hired for an opportunity of a lifetime especially with the global crisis everyone is faced with?

Many jobs in the world are won on the basis of positive image and a very good first impression. This is on the premise that you were included for the interview because your resume made a statement ahead of you.

Here are a few tips you can do to prepare for the interview day:

  • Make a research of the company’s vision and mission so you would know what they will expect from you.
  • Dress the part and look professional, keep in mind that a business suit is appropriate in the corporate world making sure you have a crisp, clean and coordinated look on your job interview. For women, a three piece suit is suggested. Keep your hair up to create a neat look and wear just enough day make up.
  • Be courteous to everyone, from the receptionist to the maintenance people and of course to the interviewer.
  • Give each person a firm handshake whenever appropriate. A firm handshake indicates commitment and sincerity.
  • Pay close attention to peoples’ names, you may need to make a follow up with them.
  • Practice proper gesture and body language, sit up straight and do not slouch, make eye contact and avoid excessive movement during the interview.
  • Smile during the interview to project a positive outlook and disposition.
  • Show initiative by asking suitable questions to the interviewer to show interest and thinking capabilities.

Part of the interview is to project cool professionalism, here’s how to do that:

  • When stressed take deep breaths and stay calm to keep your composure.
  • Be sure to arrive earlier on the day of interview.
  • Be courteous but not familiar with the office personnel.
  • Use a moderate tone of voice that can easily be understood. Remember to choose appropriate words during the interview.
  • After the interview, ask politely “Should I make a follow up or should I wait a call from your office?” This will give them the impression that you are really interested and that you consider their time schedule.

Doing these steps plus your earned confidence and experience should help you land the job you so wanted.



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