How To Maintain A Long-Distance Relationship?

relationshipMaybe you met online and live in different cities. Or maybe you met in the same city and one of you had to move for a career opportunity.

Quite possibly you’ve been together for years and one of you just accepted a 6 month assignment overseas.

Regardless, you’re in love and trying to maintain the warmth, love and commitment in a long-distance relationship. How do you do this? How do you make a long-distance relationship work?

  1. Determine if this is ‘the one’ for you. Long-distance relationships are not easy and if you have any doubts or feel apprehensive it will not work. You will need to put 100% into this and to do so you will need to know this is ‘the one’.
  2. Have a standing phone date time each day. If it’s impossible to have a standing phone date time every day because of schedules at least have a phone date every other day.
  3. Utilize text messaging, instant messaging and email.
  4. Don’t underestimate the power of a simple “I’m thinking of you.”
  5. Each of you needs to have a web cam. If you do not; purchase them. This will ensure you can talk like you are sitting across the dinner table from each other.
  6. Prioritize and plan your time together. If you can manage to see each other once a month, or maybe only once every three months, it is essential that you plan this time well in advance and make each other a priority.
  7. Commit to your significant other. There cannot be any inappropriate friendships or dinners. Neither of you can question the other person’s commitment nor there absolutely any casual sex. Carry yourself like you want your significant other to carry themselves.


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