How To Know If You Have An Alcohol Problem?

alcoholFirst of all if the title of this article even spiked your interest, chances are you may drink too often or too much. Chances are, you have an alcohol problem. [alcohol addiction]

There are all sorts of charts and graphs that will tell you if you have more than two drinks at a time or if you drink alone or if you are hung-over every Saturday morning then you have a drinking problem.

There are some sources that say if you have one beer every day after work you have a drinking problem. These however are not accurate ways to detect if you have an alcohol problem.

  • Has drinking affected any of your relationships? What we mean by this is have you showed up drunk or hung-over to a friend or family members’ big promotion party or anniversary party?
  • Have you called into work late or even sick because you weren’t feeling well from drinking too much the night before?
  • Have you ever drunk at lunch during the workweek?
  • Did you divulge private information about one of your friends when you were drinking because you lost your ‘filter’ or ‘sensor’ that evening?
  • Did you drive while intoxicated?
  • Did you leave your dogs alone for much longer than you normally would because you were drinking?
  • Do you or have you engaged in unsafe sex practices or other substances besides alcohol or cigarettes that you wouldn’t normally engage in because you were drinking?
  • If you are single have people stopped wanting to date you because you drink too much?
  • Do your friends have to make a point to tell you not to drink before you meet up with them or make a point to tell you alcohol will not be at a particular event?

Determining if you have an alcohol problem can be a very scary situation. For some it means they’re facing the fact they may never be able to drink again. For others, it means facing the fact most of their friends will want nothing to do with them anymore.

If it is easier for you to not have a drink than having just one drink chances are you may have an alcohol problem. One of the reasons recovering alcoholics can’t have anything to drink at all is because they cannot stop at one.



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