How To Become More Independent And More Comfortable Being Alone, With You?

independentI have been comfortable and confident going out to eat by myself, going to movies by myself, staying in by myself on New Years’ Eve and going solo to weddings, funerals and bar mitzvahs.

Until recently I never knew that everyone didn’t feel comfortable and confident being alone in public.

Some people just need to constantly be around other people and that will never change but if you would like to become more confident being alone and more independent this how to guide is definitely for you. [How to be confident]

  1. First of all start with staying in on a Friday night by yourself. Cool yourself a great dinner and watch a movie. Take a bath; maybe mess around on the Internet for awhile, then go to bed. If people call or text you tell them exactly what you’re doing; having quality time with yourself.  Practice saying no. If people call you and once they find out your home alone they want you to go out with them, practice saying no but thank you maybe next time.
  2. The next baby step would be going to a restaurant and sitting at the bar while you order carry-out food for one. While you’re sitting at the bar waiting for your food you can sit and take in the world, have a few moments to yourself away from all the madness. You may be approached and you will be ready for that.
  3. At some point, go to a matinee movie by yourself. Just think about it – you can sit wherever you want in the entire theatre. You do not have to ask where your friend wants to sit you can just sit wherever you want!  And you can choose to see whatever movie you want! You can see that horribly freaky and scary movie, you can indulge in your Twilight fantasies at the dollar theatre of you can see that sci-fi flick you’ve secretly been dying to see.
  4. Go to a coffee shop by yourself. Take your laptop and use it as a journal while you’re sitting there sipping your coffee. Sit outside if you like. Don’t set another coffee mug across the table to make it look like you’re waiting for someone else. You have a date with yourself this time.

Even if you are perfectly content as you are it is always a good thing to bring out your inner independent diva.



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