How To Be A Better Mother And Nurture And Maintain A Healthy Relationship With Your Daughter?

mother and teenThe relationship between a mother and daughter can be a beautiful thing; it can also be a relationship full of turmoil, judgment and explosive emotions.

As a mother how can you better understand your daughter? How can you better nurture a healthy relationship and maintain that healthy relationship through a mixture of emotions and years?

Unfortunately it is common for mothers to feel a twinge of jealousy if their daughters are living out dreams they did not. If their daughters are successful or happy it isn’t uncommon for mothers to experience feelings of envy toward their daughter.

How do you get past this and realize the most important thing is your child to be happy? Here we have some tips as to how to have the healthy relationship that you desire with your daughter:

  1. Remember your daughter is her own person. Any differences in her lifestyle are not an attack on the way you raised her nor are they banishing your beliefs. Foster her independence and be overjoyed as you raised a female who thinks for herself.
  2. Listen to your daughter without judgment. Listen to her without criticism.
  3. Let your daughter dream and allow her to be who she wants to be even if this isn’t like you are. Let her determine her talents and abilities. Just because you quit piano doesn’t mean she needs to continue with it. And just because you always wanted to be a professional dancer doesn’t mean she does.

Aside from these tips keep in mind that spending quality time together is very important. If you have more than one daughter set aside time to spend with them one on one. Remember as well that there is a fine line between being a mother and being a friend.



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