Best Ideas to Cheer up Someone

If a close one is in pain, the feeling can be quite helpless and unbearable. The depression and disappointment can be due to varied reasons that come with the ups and downs of life. However, there are also many ways to cheer up a person; no grief in life can be as big as to end a life. It has to go on and you have to help the person gather the courage and motivation to smile again and stand up to the challenges of life. If you truly care for the person in distress follow these tips and ideas to cheer him / her up and show the sunshine again –

best ideas to cheer up someone

First Listen

When the pain gets on you, the first requirement is a pair of patient ears! Listen to the person what he/she needs to tell. The words can be silly, illogical and useless but the pain involved is really big for the person. So do not interrupt and listen how much he/she has to say. Show that you are eager to hear and solve the problem.

One Hug makes it Big

This might sound irrelevant, but it’s a proved fact that a simple hug can show a number of emotions that cannot be explained in words. Your care, affection, empathy, compassion and all the positive feelings can be transferred only by a hug. Scientific researchers have proved that a chemical called oxytocin, is released from the brain, which is a natural stress reliever.

A Handwritten Card

Cards can be bought from any store but that has the words of the publishers. Your dear one who is in pain needs your innate love and care; send a handwritten card or note with the best words that comes from you. This will not only soothe but also motivate and make him / her feel wanted.

Spend Some Heart Lightening Moments

A good laughter is the best medicine at times. Crack a joke or even better make the cause of the pain a funny event and laugh it out. Laughing away means you are giving a new perspective to the whole situation. Use puns, sarcasm and anything that can bring a smile on his/her face – even if it is temporarily.

Go Shopping

For girls, shopping can be the best way to release grief, tension, stress and depression. Take her to a mall or shopping complex and let her buy whatever she feels like or even just staring through the stores would help! While for men, shopping would mostly mean gaming equipments, books or may be something related to his hobby. Do the same by taking him to the place of his choice!

Walk Together

Strolling on a lonely lane with a friend is a heart relieving idea for sure. If your friend is in pain, take him / her for a walk in some solitude area where you both can talk and spend some time in positivity. If the person in grief wants to cry, let him/her do so as might be that wasn’t feasible at home.

Go for a Movie Night

Who does not love movies? But when someone is in depression, he/she might not readily agree for a movie show. Being a friend, it is your duty to choose the right movie and convince her / him for some hours together in the theatre. Once the movie crosses an hour time, you can be sure she/ he have gulped down half of her/ his grievances and is already within the plot.

These are just few of the ideas that work magically to take out a person from sadness and pain. To cheer up someone there are further more ideas like cooking together some new recipe, going for a spa relaxation, gardening together, going for a trekking or camping adventure and many things more. Just keep in mind that the person is already hurt so do not bring any kind of negative comments while consoling, instead try to divert and take her /him out of the incident.


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