Why do you Need to Set Priorities?

Leading a proper life cannot be like a bed of roses; you will have to juggle with multiple responsibilities, like arranging for everything you deal with and also meeting the deadlines. Each and every aspect of life has importance to some degree, be it childcare, relationship with spouse, personal need and relaxation, office chores and so on.

The most difficult part is setting priorities; apparently all of these are important but if you do not have a clear idea to do what and when, you are sure to experience swirling eddies of confusion every now and then. Developing this virtue is essential for both men and women to manage multiple work and family demands simultaneously. Here are some reasons why you need to set priorities –

why do you need to set priorities

Sets Temporary Goal

Setting priorities make you realise the goal of your life. Without setting any temporary goal, there would not be anything to complete or achieve in time. By setting priorities you will get the zeal to complete one task after the other and get all done in time.

Saves Time

If you work systematically by setting priorities, all the work will get done in the set time and you can actually be punctual in long run. For instance, after waking up in the morning, if you set a short term routine for next 3 hours; you are sure to enter your office in time.

Keeps you Panic Free

When work keeps piling up it’s a constant tension in your mind. By setting priorities you know what work comes next and you can complete them one by one as soon as possible without getting anxious about how to finish everything in time.

You Never Miss out Tasks

Once you set a list of tasks be it on paper or mind for a short term basis, you exactly know what jobs need to be done and thus the chances of missing them out is less. However, it’s preferable to follow a written list in case your memory is not very strong.

Perfect Time Division

In the modern world of responsibilities you have too many things to be handled – office, kids, recreations, home duties and many more. Once you start completing each aspect by setting priorities, you will see how magically time gets uniformly balance between work, home and children. Some strict rules are also to be maintained like completing office chores at office and not bringing them at home; getting the home chores done during weekend evenings, spending atleast 2 hours every day with kids and so on. On some days, compromise can be done on certain priorities depending on the urgency.

Before you start planning your priorities, there are few questions that you need to be very clear about –

  • Why will I do this?
  • How will this help in fulfilling my goals and objectives?
  • What is the urgency level of this task?
  • Can this task be done by someone else?

Answering these questions will help you to decide the priority of a job and once you are all set with the list you can be rest assured of everything falling in perfect place.



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