Top 4 Ways to Set Smart Goals

Competitive people have some qualities that make them different from others. These days, there is a new philosophy that has being followed by young and enthusiastic achievers. They do not just believe in smart ways but also make sure they have smart goals.

This method is well known to all those who multi-task and achieve much more than what an ordinary individual aspires to achieve. Following given are the most effective ways to set  smart goals that can take you, where you want to be.


Be Specific

If your goals are vague and generic your plans automatically lose out on meticulous details required for the execution of any plan. The details are what make every plan work. Setting a deadline for each goal is important in order to stay focused and it also helps in stream lining the work flow.

Your goals should be performance oriented and an evaluation methodology has to be in place. After achieving each milestone one must be able to review the performance and adapt new means to achieve next goal.

Measurable Goals

Smart goals are those which can be evaluated and measured so that their completion is evident. Through each goal one must be able to keep track of the objectives accomplished. This must be checked after the completion of that goal.

Establishing a time frame is also a part of evaluation process. Other important criteria are identification of restraints and requirements of the process. It is also important to evaluate the reason for setting any goal. Why am I setting this goal for now is what one must ask before starting work on the plan.

Measure Progress Regularly

Every day a part of the goal has to be achieved and for that one must have yardstick ready for measuring the progress on a day to day basis. This way you are always reminded of what has to be done and what was done on that day. Regularity in analysing progress ensures your involvement in achieving goals.

Commitment and Realistic Approach

One must have a realistic approach towards setting up goals. This is a major point of concern for those who fail. For realistic goals you must also be committed to adjust and diligently follow the road set. Commitment ensures you do not take unnecessary risks and keeps you realistic.

Always remember that only when the goal is set would you be able to prepare effective plans to achieve it.


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