Television Hinders Your Self Improvement Goals

Television HindersTelevision is not innately evil. Several people enjoy television responsibly and do not allow the TV to become a big time consumer.

However, the fact is that it is not only a passive activity to watch television but it can also spoil self improvement efforts in almost every possible area of self improvement.

People who are trying to lose weight should turn off the TV so they can get moving. People looking to make new friends should turn off the TV and go out among other people.

People looking to save money should turn off the TV and stop paying the high cable charges. No, TV is not all bad, but it surely isn’t all good either.

People need to take a look at their habit of watching TV. What might have started out as watching a sporting game once a week and an occasional sitcom on a weeknight may turn into having the television on completely too much.

If a person has the TV on continually just as background noise, then he or she needs to understand that the brain still processes what it hears, irrespective of if the person is paying any attention.

That means that people may not realize why they have an unexpected craving for a particular type of ice cream, but if they had paid attention to the commercial on television they would realize that a marketing strategy was successful on them.

It Effects Your Relationships

You may feel bad about yourself by watching TV. How many actors in prime time are overweight or unattractive? You won’t find many. The truth that families on television shows can wrap up a quarrel within a 30 minute time slot may leave some viewers feeling incompetent in their own relationships.

Sometimes these feelings can be subconscious, leaving people wondering why they feel so down on themselves when in all reality the television show presents an unrealistic portrayal of human relationships.


When children are the viewers, television takes on a whole new level of danger. Parents need to take care to monitor the shows which children view, since children of a particular age are so extremely susceptible that television might sway them in ways the parents never even thought of.

People for whom, television has become a permanent part of their lives; they may be left to wonder what in the world they should possibly do instead of switching on the tube. These people should try opening a book or magazine, or maybe going for a stroll.


When everything else fails, perhaps a nice, old-fashioned conversation is long overdue. It is not necessary to abolish Television from homes forever, but people should definitely learn to entertain themselves without the assistance of the TV.

A person will not achieve the self improvement goals when he or she spend hour upon hour slumped on the sofa watching television.

People who spend less time in front of a TV will most likely spend more time exercising, reading , socializing, and doing all the other types of things which make life more pleasant. Try turning the TV off for a couple of nights and see the difference.



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