Some Tips on Making the New Year Resolutions Stick

It is that time of the year, when we all resolve to make a fresh start in achieving long cherished goals – be they personal, health related or professional in nature. However personal experiences as well as surveys show us rather well that all our well intentioned promises to ourselves often fall by the wayside. So how can we make new year resolutions stick?

new year resolutionsDon’t set unattainable goals: We often tend to make resolutions that we don’t like or are too ambitious to be realistically attainable. Then when these goals show no sign of being reached, we become despondent and lose interest.  So be sure to set realistic goals.

Plan Ahead: If you plan to lose weight, do you have a plan, new clothes, a gym membership and so on? To get more organized, do you have the requisite tools?

Make provisions for setbacks: In all things setbacks will occur; that doesn’t mean one has to give up. If you are laid low by an illness or a momentary loss of will power, remind yourself to get right back to the plan. Work with a partner or friend who has similar plans.

Reward Yourself: Go step by step and reward yourself at each step completed successfully.



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