Questions You Must Ask Yourself When Searching For Your Most Important Goals

Questions you must ask yourself when searching for your most important goals. To help you come closer to essential your dreams, sit down and ask yourself these questions to help pinpoint which goal on that list is truly your major aspiration and dream.

The following questions will help you reach the goal.

  • How secure will reaching this dream make me?
  • What can I work on now to enable me to fulfill these dreams? If I want to play first violin in a symphony orchestra, write novels, own my own business, become a physician, and so on, what are the first steps I must take?
  • Do I have the talent, knowledge, and discipline necessary to reach this particular goal?
  • Whom should I seek as a teacher or mentor to help me reach this dream?
  • If I reach this main dream, my major goal, will I be both happy and healthy?
  • In my quest for this dream, will I still be able to have many friends and have good relationships with my family, friends, and coworkers?
  • What is the appropriate time-line for achieving this dream? (Or can I really set one?)
  • Is this goal something I will love to pursue for a lifetime?
  • What obstacles do I need to overcome to make my dream a reality?


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