Problems in Goal Setting

Goal setting can go wrong due to number of causes. When these things happen, it can be a great bit upsetting to the self esteem and can make the idea of setting any no more new goals.

Let’s see what the problems can be before we can look into what we can do about solving these goals setting problems.

Problems That Can Arise During Goal Setting

  • Set realistic goals so that you can best decide how to go about achieving them. Goals can be set highly unrealistic. No effort will be made to achieve it, when a goal seems to be unreachable.
  • Always set performance goals instead as this will give you a higher chance of succeeding. Outcome goals can be set instead of performance goals because it forces you to focus on the end result immediately instead of taking your time to go through the steps of goals setting. When you set goals properly you will be doing it in a step by step manner. Where you are using outcome goals, and you fail to achieve the goal for reasons outside your control, this can be very dispiriting and can lead to loss of enthusiasm and feelings of failure.
  • Too many goals that aren’t given priority may be set, leading to a feeling of burden. Remember that you deserve time to relax and enjoy being alive and not solely focused on your goals and accomplishments.
  • Set precise and quantitative goals. Goals can be so unclear that they are worthless. It is difficult to know whether vague goals have been achieved. Your self-confidence will not benefit from goal setting, nor can you observe progress towards a greater goal, if accomplishment can’t be measured against your expectations.
  • Be organized and regular in the way that you use goal setting. Goal setting can be unsystematic, sporadic and disorganized. In this case certain goals will be forgotten, and the accomplishment of goals will not be measured and feedback will not occur into new goals. The major benefits of goal setting have been lost.
  • In retrospect to the above, goals can be set so low that you feel no challenge of benefit in achieving the goal. Setting goals has been a waste of time. Always set goals that are challenging enough to be worth the effort, but not out of reach.

The benefits of goal setting are lost and also the whole procedure of goal setting can fall into disrepute when the goal setting does go wrong. By avoiding these problems, and setting goals effectively, you can achieve and maintain a strong forward leap into your future.

Quantum Leap Approach

Quantum leap approach is an approach to goal setting for yourself and other people. This tries to force intense activity by setting a goal that will need a ‘quantum leap’ in activity to attain it.

This is a dangerous method that should be used with utmost care. It is very easy for the whole procedure of goal setting to fall into troubles where quantum leap goals are not met.

Similarly you will not put effort into attaining a goal if you are really not convinced that it is achievable. Doesn’t all of this sound repetitious!

Business Managers using this approach should take care that someone that is firmly requesting information on how a quantum leap goal should be achieved because then everybody suffers does not shoot them down.



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