Common Mistakes to Avoid While Setting Life Goals

It is very common that people set either life goals too high or low to achieve and later regret the choices made. There are some common mistakes that you can avoid while setting life goals. Some people work really hard to achieve their goals, but give up half way due to lack of motivation or out sheer depression. In order to achieve your life goals it is important to avoid some common mistakes committed frequently. Given below are few such mistakes committed usually:

common mistakes to avoid while setting life goalsSetting Impractical Goals

It is significant in your life to set goals and strive to achieve these goals, as otherwise your life is like a ship sailing aimlessly in the sea and reach somewhere. While setting goals, always remember to keep realistic goals as per your abilities and talents. You need to set goals that you want to achieve and not those that others set for you. Sometimes everybody else in your life including your partner, boss and parents have a say in your goals except you. Always have a clear idea about what you need from life and how to achieve that.

Mistake in Calculating Completion Time

For many of us the completion time for the goals seems longer many at times. This is mainly due to the mistake in estimating the realistic goal completion time. When a life goal takes too long to achieve, it is discouraging, which may prompt you to give up the goal altogether. Hence you need to set a possible completion time for achieving your life goal

Learn from Failures

It is important to accept and understand failures as an inevitable part of achieving your goals. If you fail in achieving a particular goal, you have also learnt many lessons from doing so. It is best if you can learn from your failures and move on rather than lamenting and give up.

Setting Goals Focusing only Few Areas

Many times you set your goals focussing on very few areas of your life. When all your goals are surrounding your career like getting a promotion, learning a new course, go on a foreign trip and so on, it means that you have not set other goals at all. Goals that touch each and every aspect of your life show exactly what kind of a person you are. If you want to live a fulfilled life, you need to set goals touching other areas of your life as well.

Setting too Many Goals

While it is good to be enthusiastic about achieving many things, setting too many goals together makes it difficult to achieve them. If you are aware of the amount of time and energy that you can spend on the goals, it is best to focus on the ones that you can really achieve. It is ideal to focus on those prime few goals, which you can achieve in the next one year.

Unattractive Goals

Many people set goals like ‘quit smoking’ or ‘lose weight’ or ‘stop staying late at night’. However good they sound, they all include some negativity with it. You can use positive words to describe your goals instead of negative, unattractive words.

Thus good thing about being aware of these mistakes is that you tend to avoid the same while setting and achieving your life goals.


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