Master Prioritization

master prioritizationSometimes life can be overwhelming. It might seem nearly impossible to prioritize our most important goals.

Oftentimes, we spend our days trying to get as many things done as possible.

But we do not always realize that we often place too much emphasis on one activity while ignoring another activity that might require more attention. How do we avoid this?

Understand your objective

Know what your ultimate goal is. What tasks are absolutely necessary in order to accomplish your goal? These tasks must be completed first in order to ensure that your goal actually is accomplished.

Know your resources

How much time, energy and material resources do you have? People are often the most energetic in the morning, so it is smart to prioritize activities that require the most energy early in the day while leaving less demanding jobs for later.

You must also be aware of how much time you have. Are you short on time but have a large budget? Consider hiring someone to take care of your workload.

Understand the attainability of your goal

Are you capable of achieving your goal? If you are working and going to school full-time, it is probably not the right time to start a small business. But achieving goals within your school or work environment is very accessible.

What’s the return?

Understand what you will get out of your action. If the return is low, what is the point of doing it at all unless you have plenty of time on your hands? If the return is high, you should probably move this to the front of your list.

How easy is it to accomplish this goal?

If two goals have equal returns but one goal is easier to accomplish, why not tackle that goal first. Then, if you do not get to the first goal, at least the second goal has been attained.

What will be the long term effects?

One project may bring you immediate benefits, such as an immediate cash incentive. But another goal might bring you greater long-term benefits down the road.

A good example of this is choosing between going to work full-time or going to school. Full-time work will bring you a paycheck, while school actually costs you money. But getting a degree in the right major can bring you greater wealth in the long run.


Is the goal clear or obscure? Is your goal to make a blog successful, or is your goal to market your blog on a number of forums. The clearer the goal is, the easier it will be to know which steps must be taken to accomplish the goal.

Instead of running around like a chicken with its head cut off, be aware of what you are specifically setting out to do.



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