It is Not Really Difficult for Achieving Self Improvement Goals

goal setting

It can like a daunting task to setting out on a course of self improvement.

People make a decision that they need to improve their lives but then get so overwhelmed with the task at hand that they lose motivation and wind up their self improvement goals with out doing anything.

Small Goals

However, it is not hard to try self improvement if it is approached with a positive attitude.

It would be better to setting a series of small goals in order to reach one larger goal instead of feeling overwhelmed just by looking towards the larger goal.

Don’t smaller goals sound less intimidating than one large goal?

An Example

As an instance, consider someone who one day decides to quit smoking. She throws all her cigarettes and lighters into the trash and announces to everyone that she is quitting smoking right away.

Although it is true that this cold turkey method does work for some people, but for many others, this method simply does not work. Perhaps, it will not be long before the woman in the example is either purchase a pack of cigarettes or instead digging through her trash to retrieve the ones she threw away.

Instead, she might have set small, attainable goals which would lead up to get eventual quitting. Perhaps she could cut out one cigarette on the first day; maybe she joins an online support group for people who are trying to quit smoking on the next day.

The point is that everyday she does something which brings her just a little bit closer to reaching her final goal, and that the steps are so gradual that she does not feel all that deprived.

For someone who decides that his new goal is to lose fifty pounds, this would be an effective method. He might instead set small, daily goals which bring him closer to his ultimate goal instead of concentrating on the large amount of weight he needs to lose.

He might skip the dessert he generally has every night on the first day. He might take a short walk instead of watching the evening news on television on the second day. Each small goal accomplished lends itself to the man’s overall feeling of accomplishment, and he feels more and more as though the fifty pound weight loss is not such a hard goal after all with each goal attained.

Thus that’s the trick: people by doing one small thing each and every day, they are bringing themselves just a little bit closer to their ultimate goal. When self improvement is approached in this way, it does not seem to be a difficult task as it used to appear initially.

Staying positive is easier with a series of achieved goals, and a positive attitude can do wonders for the motivation of a person. Setting a goal is one thing, but staying motivated and on track is the key to ultimately achieving the goal and setting even higher goals to go after.



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